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An easy version of the traditional meetha chawal. It is a good version than the regular sweet. . . It will surely be loved by all adults.
Milk is thickened with fresh bread crumbs to give you an instant rabdi. This is not the original recipes but one that's used to make a really creamy rabdi in a jiffy.
Low fat milk thickened with apple. The addition of nutmeg and cardamom blends well with the subtle flavours. Try not to peel the apple, as much of the fibre is present in the peel and just below it. Select sweet apples for this recipe, as sharp apples can split the rabadi bitter and so render it use ....
Pregnancy is a time to pamper yourself -- because your happiness ensures the baby's happiness and your health ensures the baby's. It is also a period of increased nutrient requirement, essential for the baby to reach its maximum growth potential. This delicious Soya Kheer is a perfect option to plea ....
You all must have enjoyed the traditional Indian kheer. Now try this traditional recipe in my healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth occasionally. The recipe makes use of fibre rich doodhi and low-fat milk, which is easily available to all the grocery stores.
Dry Fruit Barfi Video. Khoya-based barfis are a delight to savour, because they have a rich milky flavour and amazing melt-in-the-mouth texture.