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चायनीज़ मिनी मील - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Chinese Mini Meals recipes in Hindi)
ચાયનીઝ મીની મીલ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Chinese Mini Meals recipes in Gujarati)

Chinese Mini Veg Meals

With Indians understanding the flavours and developing the taste for it, this new dish seems to be here to stay - the popular Chinese street food- The WOK has now become a trend all over the country.

Create Chinese woks at home now

When you wish to have a light meal – something more satiating than a snack but not as heavy as a full meal – you can go for Oriental woks which are nothing but, an assortment of vegetables and/or proteins tossed together with noodles or rice, coated with a myriad of chinese sauces. They are very easy to prepare. All you have to do is stock of your pantry with colorful vegetables and some sauces & your quick meal will be ready in no time.

Stir Fry Noodles in Black Sauce
Stir Fry Noodles in Black Sauce

You can even prepare schezuan sauce at home using our Chinese Schezwan Sauce recipe with step by step images . Tossing your favorite vegetables with rice or noodles you can prepare a quick and easy Spicy Stir Fry Noodles in Schezuan Sauce. Crackling Rice Topped with Manchurian Gravy and Chinese Veg Pan- Fried Hakka Noodles are other delectable preparations.

Chinese Mini veg combo meals

Most of the Indian meals are a combination of foods. Be it sabzi-roti, dal-rice, kadhi-khichdi or even achaar-papad. Similarly, you can pair up different Indo-Chinese delights to make a mini meal combination. Infact, there is already one popular dish the Triple schezuan rice which consists of schezuan rice, gravy and crispy fried noodles.

Triple Schezuan RiceTriple Schezuan Rice

Other veg combo meals that you must try :

1. Hakka Noodles with Tofu in Black Bean Sauce

2. Chinese Barbequed Tofu with Sesame Noodles

3. Stewed Rice in Manchurian Gravy

4. Vegetable Chow Mein

Kids especially enjoy Chinese food, so surprise them with delights like Schezuan Noodles, Veg Manchurian, etc.

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Triple Schezwan Rice, Mumbai Roadside Recipe recipe
Triple Schezwan Rice is a Indo-chinese dish and is a combination of noodles and rice cooked with vegatables in schezuan sauce, served with fried noodles and schezuan gravy. It is a whole meal. The dish is named Triple Schezwan as rice, noodle ....
Hakka Noodles,  Chinese Hakka Noodle Recipe recipe
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Chinese Barbequed Tofu with Sesame Noodles recipe
The marinade is what makes the Chinese Barbequed Tofu with Sesame Noodles a super-duper hit! With a choice combination of sauces and spices, the marinade gives the tofu an irresistible flavour and unbeatable aroma, especially after being cooked in sesame oil. Together with a few well-chosen veggies, ....
Tofu in Black Bean Sauce recipe
In this exotic dish, melt-in-the-mouth tofu is combined with crunchy and juicy veggies and flavoured with black bean sauce. Red chilli roundels add to the spice quotient of the Tofu in Black Bean Sauce making it a truly rare treat. The black bean sauce gives the dish a fabulous flavour that you ....
Spicy Stir Fry Noodles in Schezuan Sauce recipe
Think of any veggie that appears in Chinese cuisine and you will find it in this spicy stir fry! Made of a colourful and crunchy combination of veggies along with noodles and tangy sauces, this Spicy Stir Fry in Schezuan Sauce features a medley of flavours ....
Stewed Rice in Manchurian Gravy, Chinese Recipe recipe
The mind-blowing blend of flavours and textures in this rice preparation is sure to excite your taste buds! A truly tongue-tickling dish from the Chinese repertoire, Stewed Rice in Manchurian Gravy is prepared by stewing cooked rice with a ....
Vegetable Manchurian Roll ( Wraps and Rolls Recipes) recipe
These rolls adds an all-new dimension to the simple manchurian. Serve it with the lovely sweet and sour sauce, schezuan sauce and salads to experience a uniwue melange range of flavours. Ofcourse, don't forget the stir- fried rice to complete the chinese experience.
Tofu in Manchurian Sauce recipe
While on a tired day, you might settle for having Fried Rice with chilli-garlic sauce or tomato ketchup, on a more leisurely day you would surely want to have a more exciting accompaniment, like this spicy Tofu in Manchurian Sauce! You are sure to enjoy the contrast between the spicy, tangy, tota ....
Vegetable Chow Mein, Chinese Chow Mein recipe
A popular Chinese preparation of stir-fried noodles, the Chau-Mèing became popular all over the world, and the name got gradually simplified to Chow Mein! Here is a flavourful and sumptuous Vegetable Chow Mein recipe that combines boiled a ....
Chinese Pav Bhaji recipe
A fusion of Indian and Chinese cooking styles, the Chinese Pav Bhaji is an invigorating snack that everybody will love. Ginger extract, chillies in vinegar and soy sauce come together with a medley of veggies ....
Crackling Rice Topped with Manchurian Gravy recipe
This dish delights your senses with the crunch of deep-fried rice and the spiciness of the Manchurian gravy. Deep-frying rice to make it crackling crisp needs a bit of tact, but if you follow the simple instructions meticulously you will get it right on the first try itself. You can prepare this ....
Schezwan Noodles , Chinese Schezuan Noodles Recipe recipe
Schezuan Sauce, made with fiery spices and condiments, holds an indispensable place in Chinese cuisine. The Schezuan Noodles, as the name suggests, is an authentic Chinese preparation of Hakka noodles with sautéed veggies and this pungent sauce. While you c ....
5 Spice Tofu and Bean Sprouts Kodri ( Diabetic Recipe ) recipe
Life is all about experimentation and moving out of our comfort zones to discover the treasures that lie yonder! so, let not the out-of-the-ordinary blend of spices, and the resulting flavours and textures, scare you away from this dish! While, to be frank, this dish may not appeal to all, it ....
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vegetable manchurian recipe | indo chinese veg manchurian | restaurant style vegetable manchurian gravy | with amazing step by step images. Vegetarian Manchurian, a flagship Indo-Chinese re ....
Pan- Fried Noodles, Chinese Veg Pan- Fried Hakka Noodles recipe
Pan-fried noodles, a Shanghai favorite this one! Pan-fried noodles are a signature snack in China and loved for its unique texture and taste. Cooked noodles are pan-fried till both sides of the noodles are crisp and golden. This is served with a thick vegetable sauce and eaten immediately to e ....
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