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हलवा - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Halwa recipes in Hindi)
હલવા - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Halwa recipes in Gujarati)

100 Halwa Recipes from different parts of India

What is Halwa?  An Indian mithai with a soft, fudge-like texture, the halwa just slides down your throat and warms your soul! One of the all-time favourite Indian sweets, halwa is made for any and every occasion, and sometimes for no reason at all.  

Ragi Sheera

Ragi Sheera

Halwa can be made with roasted flour, grated veggies or mashed fruits.

The key ingredient is essentially cooked with sugar and ghee to get a soft, luscious, heartwarming sweet dish, resplendent with the aroma of ghee and Indian spices like cardamom.

Jowar Apple Sheera, Healthy Indian SweetJowar Apple Sheera, Healthy Indian Sweet

Halwas from different parts of India

Halwas from different parts of India. You can smell a classic halwa even before you see it – that means it has been done right.  Halwas are made all over India. While some like the Sooji ka HalwaMoong Dal Halwa.

 Rava Sheera, Sooji Ka HalwaRava Sheera, Sooji Ka Halwa

Badam Halwa and Carrot Halwa are popular all over the country, each region has its specialty too, like the Wheat Halwa of Tamil Nadu, which is made with the milk extracted from soaked wheat! Halwas, unlike sheeras and kheers are usually slow-cooked to get a rich taste.

Badam ka SheeraBadam ka Sheera

Moong Dal Halwa has originated from Rajashtan and consumed in the cold winter months where it will keep the body warm. Sooji ka Halwa is quick to make and more popular in North India. Chana Dal Halwa is a Punjab style chana dal halwa made during festivals and celebrations. Carrot Halwa has its origins in North India. 

Slow cooked Halwas

Even a small portion is enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. However, there are quick-fix versions that you can cook in a jiffy too. So, worry not. The Moong Dal Halwa and Chana Dal Halwa are typical examples of slow-cooked halwas. Although there might be quick workarounds for these, the slow versions taste better because the dal loses its raw smell and imbibes a rich taste only when you cook it in a heavy-bottomed vessel for a while.

 Chana Dal Halwa ( Indian Cooking)Chana Dal Halwa ( Indian Cooking)

You can make halwa out of rich ingredients like the Walnut Halwa or Badam Halwa, of course only to be enjoyed occasionally.

Walnut-SheeraWalnut Sheera

Healthy halwa recipes from India

Low Fat Carrot Halwa, Healthy Gajar Halwa

Low Fat Carrot Halwa, Healthy Gajar Halwa

Healthy halwa recipes from India. You may also make healthy treats like the Low Fat Carrot Halwa and  Shakarkand ka Halwa, Diabtic friendly Lauki Halwa which capitalize on the natural sweetness of the ingredients to reduce the amount of sugar required.

The resulting halwas are relatively healthy, and can be enjoyed occasionally even by those with blood pressure or other health conditions.

Lauki Halwa, Diabetic FriendlyLauki Halwa, Diabetic Friendly

Halwas for fasting days

Anjeer HalwaAnjeer Halwa

Halwas for fasting days. Halwas like the Shakarkand ka Halwa and Singhada Sheera can be enjoyed even on fasting days.  Jhat-Pat Halwa for a simple puja at home, Anjeer Halwa to celebrate a victory, and Peach Halwa to delight your kids in the evening… there is a halwa for each day of the month, and more!

Singhada Sheera, Farali Singhara Halwa, Vrat RecipeSinghada Sheera, Farali Singhara Halwa, Vrat Recipe

Traditional Halwas

A traditional mithai that everybody has a reason to like—some for the taste, some for the goodness of doodhi and milk which makes the doodhi ka halwa, and some for the warm feeling it instils on a rainy day! Many a shortcut there might be.

But sometimes the traditional method of making a mithai yields the richest taste! This authentic recipe of Gajar ka Halwa proves that!

Gajar ka HalwaGajar ka Halwa

Quick Halwas

Quick Halwas. A wonderful dessert that can be prepared in minutes.

It does not require much advance preparation, and can be whipped up even at short notice. Rava sheera is traditional, yet modern in its simplicity, making it a sheer delight.

 Shakarkand Ka Halwa, Faraal Sweet Potato Halwa RecipeShakarkand Ka Halwa, Faraal Sweet Potato Halwa Recipe

Halwa by itself is a delicacy that none can resist, thanks to its rich, sugary taste and enticing, melt-in-the-mouth texture. As a result, this Mixed Halwa has a an interesting appearance, texture and flavour too.

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