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पौष्टिक सोया आधारित सब्जी़ - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Healthy Soya Subzis recipes in Hindi)
તંદુરસ્ત સોયા આધારીત શાક - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Healthy Soya Subzis recipes in Gujarati)

Soya Subzi Recipes : Healthy Soya Vegetables

Soya is considered as one of the highest quality vegetarian protein containing sufficient amounts of amino acids needed to build our body cells.

Soya Mutter ki Subzi ( Roz ka Khana)Soya Mutter ki Subzi ( Roz ka Khana)

Available in various forms like soyabeans, soya chunks, soya granules, soya milk and tofu (soya curd), it contains appreciable amounts of fibre which has been known to be beneficial in controlling diabetes and excess weight.

Soya Subzi Recipes, Soya Granules

Spicy Soya BhurjiSpicy Soya Bhurji

Soya granules have been spiced up and cooked in minimal oil to whip up delicacies like Soya Bhurji a protein, iron and folic acid rich recipe sure to boost your immune cells.

If you are on a weightloss diet with low calorie and high protein then Soya Methi Masala is a perfect recipe for you and it is rich in Vitamin A and calcium.

Soya Subzi Recipes, Soya Chunks

Rajasthani Style Kaddu Aur Soya ki SubziRajasthani Style Kaddu Aur Soya ki Subzi

Soya chunks have been used to make a healthy fare like Chana Soya Masala. A protein power packed recipe as it has 2 protein rich ingredients – Chana and soya chunks.

Chana Soya MasalaChana Soya Masala

Gujarati recipe like Panchkutiyu Shaak a perfect combination of ingredients but this is not green like the original recipe. If you love tangy flavour then this curd based Soya-Mutter-ki-Subzi is the right recipe for you, this dish has a kadhi like flavour.

Panchkutiyu ShaakPanchkutiyu Shaak

Soya Subzi Recipes, Tofu

Tofu, considered the healthiest amongst all soya products also finds a place in this section on healthy subzis in the form of Mughlai Tofu a royal treat for vegetarians.

Mixed vegetables along with tofu taste just heavenly! If you don’t believe it then you must try making Vegetable Jalfrazie and I assure you won’t regret it. A special low calorie recipe to help you in weight management is Kadhai Tofu which you can relish in lunch or dinner with phulkas

Soya Kofta CurrySoya Kofta Curry

Enjoy our collection of Healthy Soya Subzi recipes and Healthy Subzi articles below.

Healthy Subzis

Healthy Dry Subzis

Healthy Paneer Recipes

Healthy Subzis with Gravies

Healthy Subzis with Leafy Vegetables

Healthy Subzis with Sprouts and Beans

Soya Bhurji ( Soya Granules Recipes) recipe
soya bhurji recipe | soya matar bhurji | soya bhurji from soya granules | with 21 amazing images. soya bhurji is soy served in a different style than seen before. This s ....
Soaked Soya Chunks recipe
soaked soya chunks recipe | how to soak soya chunks | soaking soya chunks | how to prepare soya chunks for a meal are a vegetarian substitute to meat in cooking. Learn ....
Shahi Soya Subzi recipe
Even the humble soya chunks become royal when floated atop a rich "Shahi" white gravy. Drain out the water and also the foam that forms on top of the onions and cashew mix when cooking as the flavour will be spoilt if you keep the foam on.
Chana Soya Masala recipe
This protein-rich combination of chana and soya is sure to steal the show, as the texture and flavours will be loved by everybody young and old. Flavoured amply with masala pastes and powders, and kasuri methi for a final highlight, the Chana Soya Masala is a delightful subzi that is very easy to pr ....
Soya Bhurji ( Pressure Cooker) recipe
Soya bhurji, enjoy this mouth-watering delicacy, brimming with goodness of soya. Pressure cooking does not require soaking soya granules as it gets cooked with other ingredients. Do not open the lid immediately let it stand for a while so that the granules soak up excess water if any. It is ....
Soya Methi Masala ( Soya Roti and Subzi) recipe
A low calorie subzi for health freaks! This subzi is a double dose of health as it is not only low cal but also made using soya oil, soya granules, fenugreek etc. which are high in vitamin A and calcium. Low fat milk (99.7% fat free) is easily available in the market, however you can make skimmed mi ....
Kadhai Tofu recipe
The very prefix of "kadai" is a qualifier for a recipe. . . You can be almost sure you are in for a rich, scrumptious feast! this special dish, which is a low cal variation of the original recipe, is just as tasty as the high calorie original version. Sliced capsicum make the dish look rather "prett ....
Soya Vegetable Medley, Protein Rich Recipes recipe
Soya vegetable medley, a tongue-tingling, spicy vegetable dish, which makes you feel stronger thanks to the immunity boost that the protein-rich soya chunks proffer! besides soya, coconut milk is also a good source of proteins; however it is high in fat too, making this an apt dish for athletes and ....
Vegetable Jalfraize recipe
Jalfrezi is usually a dish made with green chillies, capsicum and onions as the base. In this variation, I have used my favourite combination of tofu and mixed veggies as the main ingredients. The tanginess imparted by the tomatoes and vinegar is the characteristic flavour of this dish. You c ....
Rajasthani Style Kaddu Aur Soya ki Subzi recipe
Every province has its traditional style of cooking their favourite vegetables. Here, we have chosen a popular Rajasthani subzi usually made using potatoes and pumpkin, and smartly replaced starchy potatoes with multi-nutrient soya chunks instead. In all other ways, the Rajasthani Style Kaddu aur So ....
Tofu and Sprouts Subzi recipe
Yin and yang. Black and white. Life always becomes more interesting when opposites come together! in this recipe, the crunchiness of sprouts and the softness of tofu come together in one bowl to steal your heart! this dish is easy to make but absolutely delicious! you can use a combination of sprout ....
Vatana Muthia Nu Shaak ( Gujarati Recipe) recipe
Green peas simmered with spinach and fenugreek muthias in a sauce thickened with grated coconut and fresh coriander… doesn’t it sound delectable? trust me, it tastes even better than it sounds. What is more, kids love any dish that has green peas in it, so this is a good way to stuff some nutritious ....
Soya in Goanese Curry recipe
I bet even the goans would not have tried making their traditional fish curry with soya instead! and it tastes just fabulous. Cooking the onions on an open flame gives it a semi-charred taste which is very unique. Moreover, straining the tomatoes after cooking them imparts a good texture and flavour ....
Hariyali Soya Dhingri recipe
Hariyali… obviously it's the spinach purée that's the key ingredient here! it's the spinach purée that gives the colour and flavour to other ingredients like soya chunks, tofu etc. In this recipe. A rather long list of ingredients goes into this recipe, but it's completely worth the effort! the mus ....
Methi Tofu recipe
Methi peps up even the simplest of dishes! This is no exception. Add salt to the methi and squeeze it well to remove the inherent bitterness of the methi leaves. You can even salt and squeeze the methi and store it in the freezer for days or even months; just defrost and use whenever you want. Just ....
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