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Vegetarian Italian Main Dish recipes

Vegetarian Italian Main Dish recipes. Italian Vegetarian Main Course recipes. Straight from the kitchens of Italy, these hearty and satiating recipes are perfect one-dish meals. Don’t miss out on the delightful choices like Mushroom Pie, Ravioli with Spinach and Cheese in White Sauce, Stuffed Bulgur and Brinjal Bake and Baked Stuffed Capsicum.

इटैलियन मुख्य भोजन - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Italian Main Dish recipes in Hindi)
ઇટાલિયન મુખ્ય ભોજન - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Italian Main Dish recipes in Gujarati)

Creamy Mixed Vegetables in Spinach GravyCreamy Mixed Vegetables in Spinach Gravy

Vegetable Lasagna is an Italian staple. A vegetable stuffing is layered with sauce in between of the lasagna sheets. If you want, you can add mixed vegetable mixture made using broccoli, mushrooms, eggplants etc. Make it healthier using whole wheat lasagna sheets. Spinach Lasagna is my favorite Italian main course recipe. It tastes great with cheese garlic bread.

Mixed Vegetables in Creamy Sauce is an assortment of colourful veggies mixed into the white sauce to make a rich and luscious dish. Enjoy it with garlic bread and a bowl of soup to make a complete Italian meal. Also, you can enhance it by adding spinach gravy to make Creamy Mixed Vegetables in Spinach Gravy.

Baked Spaghetti in Tomato SauceBaked Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce

Baked Vegetarian Italian Main Dish recipes

Baked Vegetable is a modified version of Au Gratin, an internationally acclaimed technique of baking vegetables with a garnish of cheese and bread crumbs. Baked Vegetables in Tomato Sauce is another delight with fresh and tangy flavours due to the tomato sauce. Spinach Pancakes layered with mixed vegetables and the tomato sauce adds a punch to Baked Spinach Pancakes In Tomato Gravy. Indeed a party fare!

Baked Spinach with SpaghettiBaked Spinach with Spaghetti

Spaghetti fits well into almost any baked dish. Here's a quick combo of spaghetti with Paneer Balls in Spinach Sauce, which satiates your hunger pangs and delights your taste buds at the same time. Similarly, you can make Baked Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce or Garlic Spaghetti Bake.

Baked Kidney Beans with Alfredo SauceBaked Kidney Beans with Alfredo Sauce

You can make other one-dish baked recipes like Baked Vegetables in Spinach Sauce, Baked Corn in White Sauce, Baked Spinach with Corn, Baked Corn with Asparagus. Most baked dishes are topped with cheese and bread crumbs and baked till the cheese melts and form a lusciously gooey layer over the vegetables.

Italian Vegetarian Main Course recipes

A well balanced main dish with Italian flavour using paneer for protein and spinach for minerals, vitamins and fibre, Spinach Malfatti is a party favourite recipe. It is more appealing in its fat-free form and I am sure you will enjoy it more.

Pies and quiche also form an important part of the Italian main course. Try your hands on crumbly and gooey Spinach and Corn Quiche, Cauliflower and Broccoli Pie.

Enjoy our Vegetarian Italian Main Dish recipes. Italian Vegetarian Main Course recipes and other Italian articles below. 

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Baked Vegetables in Spinach Sauce recipe
Baked Vegetables in Spinach Sauce is a sumptuous preparation of assorted vegetables in a creamy sauce that is reinforced with spinach puree. The spinach adds a new dimension to the white sauce, making it more colourful and tastier too. Myriad veggies add flavour, crunch and a delightful splash of co ....
Vegetarian Spinach Lasagna, Indian Style recipe
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Vegetable Risotto ( Baked ) recipe
Vegetable risotto is a very easy and a delicious recipe. . . Actual risotto is made using arboria rice but you can also use basmati rice, it taste the same. . . This rice prepartion is cheesy, colorful and fun to eat. . Serve it with garlic bread. .
Parsley Rice, Buttered Parsley and Garlic Rice recipe
parsley rice recipe | quick parsley rice | Indian garlic parsley rice | with amazing 23 images. Simple but superb, the Parsley Rice is a buttery rice dish with the pleasant aroma of parsley ....
White Sauce Pasta, Indian Style White Sauce Pasta recipe
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Mixed Vegetables in Creamy Sauce recipe
mixed vegetables in creamy sauce recipe | vegetables in white sauce | creamy mixed vegetables | mix veg curry in white sauce | with 15 amazing images. mixed vegetables i ....
Baked Spinach Pancakes In Tomato Gravy recipe
Lovely spinach pancakes served with spicy tomato gravy.
Creamy Mushrooms recipe
creamy mushrooms recipe | easy creamy mushrooms | Indian creamy mushrooms in 20 minutes | with 13 amazing images. creamy mushrooms recipe | easy creamy mushrooms ....
Vegetable Lasagne,  Indian Style Veg Lasagna recipe
vegetable lasagna recipe | veg lasagne Indian style | vegetable lasagne | easy cheese veg lasagne is an elaborate gourmet’s treat, and will surely boost your reputation as a culinary exper ....
Zucchini and Eggplant Lasagne recipe
This elegant vegetable lasagne showcases both tomato and cheese sauces as well as a colourful layer of zucchini and eggplant slices. This rich baked dish is packed with layers of pasta filled with vegetables and tomatoes, topped with processed cheese and baked until golden brown on top. You can ....
Ravioli with Spinach and Cheese in White Sauce recipe
A traditional treat from the mind-blowing cuisine of Italy, Ravioli is a type of dumpling made of plain flour dough, stuffed with cheesy mixtures, and cooked in boiling water. In this case, the Ravioli is stuffed with cheesy, garlic-flavoured spinach. The cooked Ravioli is then topped with whi ....
Garlic Spaghetti Bake recipe
A king among spaghetti casseroles, this garlic dominated dish is cooked with tomato sauce, layered with white sauce, and topped with breadcrumbs to give it a crunchy texture.
Baked Spinach with Corn recipe
A soft layer of potato and paneer topped with a mouth-watering spinach and corn layer, garnished with tangy tomato slices – if that does not sound tempting enough, the best part is yet to come – the whole arrangement is topped generously with cream and cheese and baked to perfection. Indeed, the bak ....
Paneer Tikka Sub Sandwich recipe
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Baked Spaghetti with Paneer Balls in Spinach Sauce recipe
Yummy paneer balls baked with a creamy spinach sauce, this dish has an exquisite and sumptuous nature that lures every food lover.
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