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माइक्रोवेव नाश्ते - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Microwave Indian Snack recipes in Hindi)
માઈક્રોવેવ નાસ્તા - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Microwave Indian Snack recipes in Gujarati)

Microwave Recipes Indian Snacks,  Easy Microwave Snack Recipes

The microwave oven has evolved into a handy kitchen helper that makes it easy to make many snacks and starters in a jiffy! What is most convenient about using the microwave is that in most cases, you do not have to stand by the dish, constantly stirring or turning it around. It gets cooked uniformly without your intervention.

To prepare a starter, you can make the necessary preparations in advance, and pop it into the microwave oven just as soon as your guests arrive. It will get cooked even as you chat with your guests, ready to serve when they are ready to dine!

Or, put a light snack to cook in the microwave as soon as you come home, so you will have something hot and tasty to eat as soon as you freshen up.

Here is how you can prepare delicious microwave Indian snacks.

For a quick breakfast snack, make the Maharashrain Batata Poha, Gujarati  Doodhi Muthia  or South Indian Sevaiyan Upma

Healthy Microwave Indian Snacks

Low calorie snacks are always a good option. Try the non fried Dahi Vada or if you are looking to top up your protein, then Paneer Tikka. Besan and Peanuts are both healthy and combine well for a Besan Masala Peanut snack. 

For a Dessert snack try Chocolate and Carrot Brownie 

Given below is our Collection of Microwave Recipes Indian Snacks.

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Tandoori Aloo recipe
Baby potatoes, cooked with a special red chilli-based masala paste, fenugreek leaves and fresh cream, results in a flavourful treat that taunts the taste buds with its spicy, bitter, tangy and creamy hues. Cooking it for the right duration and using the right methods in the microwave oven gives the ....
Doodhi Muthia recipe
microwave doodhi muthia recipe | quick lauki muthia | doodhi na muthia | with 31 amazing pictures A traditional and healthy Gujarati snack made with grated doodhi and s ....
Mini Rava Uttappa ( Microwave Recipe) recipe
You can make quick, non-greasy uttappams in the microwave. Since this curd and semolina-based variety does not require fermentation, you can choose it to quench an unexpected hunger pang. Using sour curds ensures soft and spotted uttappams, just like the original.
Instant Handva recipe
What a yummy breakfast this is! a variant of the traditional handva, this savoury cake uses idli batter to reduce the preparation time. Cooking it using the microwave shrinks the cooking time further, in all making this a super-quick delicacy.
Cheesy Nachos ( Microwave Recipe) recipe
Everybody loves to have nachos with cheese sauce. Here’s your all-time favourite combo, served with a twist! Each serving of nachos is drowned in a gooey, cheesy sauce made quickly and easily in the microwave oven. A dash of red chilli flakes adds a spicy punch to the Cheesy Nachos, making it al ....
Cauliflower Nu Bhanolu ( Gujarati Recipe) recipe
A mildly-flavoured and easy-to-make snack that is very popular in ahmedabad, cauliflower no bhanolu uses coconut milk as the primary ingredient. The tempering that is sprinkled atop the batter before cooking adds to its zest. This microwave version is very easy and quick to make, adapted to suit tod ....
Baked Potatoes recipe
Baked Potatoes is truly a universal favourite, much loved by people across the world. It can be enjoyed plain, with cheese or with a yummy filling as in this case. Here, we’ve stuffed the baked potatoes with a scrumptious mixture of broccoli and corn, flavoured with a hint of garlic. Seasoned wi ....
Besan Masala Peanuts, Microwave Besan Masala Groundnut recipe
Crisp and spicy Besan Masala Peanuts are very popular all over India. They are flavoured in different ways – in the North, they are made with a slightly tangy flavour, while in the South it is more of spice than tang, but irrespective of the seasoning, the snack itself is very famous and much-loved ....
Sevaiyan Upma in A Microwave recipe
Think upma and the first two options that come to your mind are rava and sevaiyan. Indeed, these have traditionally been amongst the most popular upmas all over the country, made frequently in almost every household for breakfast or as supper. Here is a quick and easy version of Sevaiyan Upma mad ....
Batata Poha, Aloo Poha recipe
An all-time favourite Maharashtrian snack, Batata Poha has a universal appeal amongst youngsters and elders alike. Everybody has a reason for loving this delicious snack – its wholesomeness, convenience, enjoyable flavour or unique texture. This versi ....
Nachni Methi Muthias ( Microwave Recipe ) recipe
Not one, but three nourishing flours! not one, but two nourishing greens. Really, nutrition and taste come as a package deal in this delectable snack. While the usual spices like ginger, green chillies and garlic feature in this recipe too, the highlight is the sesame seeds, which impart an interest ....
Baby Corn Hara Masala ( Microwave Recipe) recipe
A peppy hara masala that combines coriander with pungent add-ons like ginger, garlic and green chillies, converts the mildly-flavoured baby corn into a true tongue-tickler. This scrumptious Baby Corn Hara Masala is quite easy to prepare using the microwave oven, and pretty fast too. It takes jus ....
Microwave Popcorn Made in A Bowl recipe
Readymade popcorn is nice and crunchy when you buy the tub and munch on it right away. But, if you buy a large quantity and bring it home for a party or get-together, it loses its crunch in no time at all! Why opt for that option, when you can easily make crisp and fresh popcorn right at home, t ....
Fat Free Dahi Vada ( Microwave Recipes) recipe
Non-fried vadas dunked in yoghurt and topped with tangy imli chutney and cumin powder. This recipe is devised for people on a diet or for those who have to cut down on fat. Nevertheless, it is extremely good
Paneer Tikka recipe
This Punjabi delicacy is one of the most popular starters in Indian restaurants. Cottage cheese and capsicum are marinated in a mix of classic Indian spices, strung into skewer sticks, and cooked in a wood-fir ....
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