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पंजाबी शोर्बा ( सूप ) - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Punjabi Shorbas, Soups recipes in Hindi)
પંજાબી શોર્બા / સૂપ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Punjabi Shorbas, Soups recipes in Gujarati)

Punjabi Shorbas, Punjabi Soups

Shorba or Chorba is an Arabic word that means a kind of stew or hot soup, and Punjab has its own line-up of stunning desi shorbas, which are lusciously thick, mostly creamy, and often spicy. Start your meal zestfully with a bowlful of something like Tomato ShorbaMoong Dal ka Shorba or Palak Shorba

Popular Punjabi Shorba Recipes

Makai ShorbaMakai Shorba

Makai Shorba and Tamatar Dhania ka Shorba are popular shorbas that top the list of most restaurant menus. The tamatar dhania ka shorba is a Punjabi's version of the ever-popular tomato soup. Your appetite will be satisfied when you have a bowl of hot Shorba accompanied with some salad.

Healthy Punjabi Shorba Recipes

Strength ShorbaStrength Shorba

Moong Dal ka Shorba is made using yellow moong dal, spices and vegetables. Strength shorba as the name suggests provides with strength due to the presence of iron rich masoor dal and spinach. Strength Shorba or Moong Dal ka Shorba are wholesome and has a luscious texture owing to the dal used in making it. Rajma and Tomato Soup is another protein-rich soup that will perk you up on a dull day.

Rich Punjabi Shorba Recipes

Shahi Badam ShorbaShahi Badam Shorba

Shahi Badam Shorba is a creamy shorba made by combining vegetables like potato, bottle gourd, cabbage and almonds, seasoned with pepper. Zaffrani Soup is another rich soup with Mughal opulence. The generous use of saffron provides an aromatic touch and attractive tinge. 

Tomato ShorbaTomato Shorba

Tamatar Ka Shorba is an authentic north Indian soup with tomatoes mildly spiced with cumin seeds and chili powder. Palak Shorba is a fresh and spicy delicacy that can be savored hot garnished with some ginger. The milk added to this recipe makes it creamy, while the mint and lemon juice combine to add just the required amount of freshness! 

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Tamatar Dhania ka Shorba recipe
The tamatar dhania ka shorba is a punjabi's version of the ever popular tomato soup. Shorbas were made popular by the princes and maharajas in india. Served piping hot, this shorba combines the goodness of tomatoes and coriander. Besan is used as a thickening agent for the shorba. The curry leaves, ....
Palak Shorba, Punjabi Spinach Soup recipe
Punjab is often known as the Land of Abundance! Lush green fields full of wholesome and healthy vegetables and grain cover Punjab’s landscape. Thus it is evident why Punjabi cooking makes use of healthy and leafy green vegetables. Palak or ....
Limbu Dhania ka Shorba recipe
Most people believe shorbas to be creamy heavy concoctions. Here's a delicious Shorba prepared with refreshing limbo and dhania and packed with the goodness of vegetables like carrots, celery and cabbage. Limbo Dhania ka Shorba is a near clear concoction that uses besan for thickening and loads of ....
Tomato Shorba (  Desi Khana) recipe
tomato shorba recipe | tomato and coconut milk soup | healthy tomato shorba | with 20 amazing images. tomato shorba is a tangy soup made from tomatoes and coconut milk, mildly spiced with c ....
Masoor Dal and Spinach Soup, Indian Curry Soup recipe
masoor dal and spinach soup recipe | Indian curry soup | healthy masoor dal, tomato and spinach soup | iron rich soup | with step by step images. masoor dal and spinach ....
Curd Shorba recipe
A novel, all-indian soup, curd shorba is nothing but wholesome kadhi transformed into a light and refreshing soup. It has a very comforting flavour and texture, and can surely soothe you on a day when you are tired and yearning for something warm.
Palak Shorba, Diabetic Friendly recipe
A typical Indian meal starts with traditionally-flavoured soups like tomato soup or shorbas. This is one such, which tops my list of favourites. Healthy and colourful spinach is combined with low fat milk and flavoured with garlic, ginger and chillies. Milk mak ....
Corn, Tomato and Spinach Soup recipe
corn tomato and spinach soup recipe | creamy corn tomato and spinach stew | corn and spinach soup | corn soup with spinach | corn tomato and spinach soup is indee ....
Spinach, Paneer and Dal Soup recipe
dal and paneer soup recipe | palak paneer soup | healthy moong dal and paneer soup | palak paneer moong dal soup is a lip-smacking soup using low-fat paneer. To make
Makai Shorba, Thick Corn Soup recipe
The Makai Shorba is a very creamy sweet corn soup with desi notes. Onions and carrots add volume to the soup, and also improve the texture and flavour, while a horde of spices ranging from cloves and cinnamon to coriander and cumin seeds give the shorba a very appetising flavour and irresistible aro ....
Moong Dal ka Shorba recipe
Dals are a staple diet of people in the punjab. Nearly every kind of dal is grown and cooked here. In most households the meal is incomplete without at least one dish made with pulses. The yellow moong dal or split yellow gram is very popular in punjabi cooking. This dal requires minimal soaking tim ....
Shahi Badam Shorba, Almond and Mixed Vegetable Soup recipe
A super creamy soup with a desi touch, the Shahi Badam Shorba as the name suggests is sure to give your meal a royal twist! A proper choice of veggies like bottle gourd, cabbage, potatoes and onions not only add volume to the almond soup, but also give it a creamy mouth-feel and exciting flavo ....
Rajma and Tomato Soup recipe
The wholesome and protein-rich rajma and tomato soup is an ideal choice for hard and fast desi food lovers! with loads of tomatoes and onions, and a dash of garlic, pepper and chilli powder, it has a good blend of spicy and sour flavours that will perk you up even on a dull day. A sprinkling of cott ....
Hara Nariel Ka Shorba recipe
Coriander and coconut make a tasty combination.
Masoor Dal ( Microwave Recipe ) recipe
Here is an authentic ‘punjab di dal’ that uses not only masoor dal, but another favourite ingredient of the community—spinach. Spinach contributes vitamin a to the dal making it even more nutritious. The blend of flavours and colours is also pretty nice. The paste is considerably spicy; so, if are c ....
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