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झट पट शाम के नाश्ते - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Quick Evening Snacks recipes in Hindi)
ઝડપી સાંજે નાસ્તા - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Quick Evening Snacks recipes in Gujarati)

Instant Methi Snack recipe
Instant methi snack is a healthy and calcium rich snack or vegetable recipe with fenugreek or methi leaves cooked with salt, red chilli and turmeric powder and served hot with tea or rotis as meal.
Instant Poha Snack recipe
This is a very easy to prepare snack, and just as tasty to eat. made with readily available the kitchen, easy to prepare when you have unexpected guests.
Instant Suji Fingers recipe
Instant sooji fingers are spicy crispy little wonders prepared from sooji or semolina.These appetizers are quick and easy to make and add a savory snack to any buffet.
Instant Vegetable Appe recipe
Instant Vegetable Appe, as the name says, its really instant and a healthy snack.All the vegetables add taste and nutrition to the dish.You can add any vegetable of your choice.
Jeedi Pappu Upma recipe
Begin your day with the delicious Jeedi pappu upma as breakfast prepared by cooking together rava or semolina with jeedipappu or Cashewnuts. The spicy and delicious upma recipe is best suited for breakfast but can also be enjoyed as packed lunch or meal with sambhar.
Jhat Pat Pani Puri recipe
The pani in this recipe is made healthy by using black grape juice instead of tamarind water. The combination of black grape juice and the paste of mint and coriander tastes unique. A must try recipe.
Jhat-pat Chaat  By nutan36 recipe
A tongue tickling Jhat-pat chaat recipe with boiled peas tossed with kabuli chana, white peas, sprouts boiled and fried potatoes and select chutneys and seasonings.
Jhat-pat Chaat  By sonia_thamman recipe
Jhat-pat chaat recipe with boiled chana,green peas, moong sprouts and potatoes tossed together with a sweet chutney and a green chilli sauce.
Jhatpat Chaat  By kanchan36 recipe
The Jhatpat chaat recreates the magic of sweet and tangy chatpata taste with an easy recipe where the Maida flour pastries are deep fried and filled with sev, imli chutney , green chutney, chopped onion, tomatoes and spices.
Jhatpat Chaat  By vijoo recipe
A very nutritious snack, popular with children too!
Jhatpat Mini Pizza recipe
Eat with sauce poured on it
Katt recipe
An innovative recipe!
Khatta Meetha Corn Flakes Churmuri recipe
A khatta meetha surprise for kids and elders, both will enjoy munching on this crunchy delight. Its also easy and quick to prepare.
Lauki Crispy recipe
Those who don't like lauki they can relish in this way.
Maggi Pakoda recipe
An innovative pakoda or snack recipe with the all time favorite maggi noodles, maggi pakoda is simply amazing when served with ketchup or chilli sauce.
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