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शाम के चाय के नाश्ते - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Evening Tea Snacks recipes in Hindi)
સાંજની ચહા સાથેના નાસ્તા - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Evening Tea Snacks recipes in Gujarati)

Oats Dosa Wrap recipe
Oats Dosa Wrap, healthy and delicious. Good to serve for breakfast as well as an evening snack.
Onion Bajri Bhajiya recipe
Bajri flour batter is used as for making onion bahjiyas. Serve it with hot tea.
Onion Bhajjia, Onion Fried Bhajia recipe
Note: for better results, take out bhajias when they are half done and press them between your palms (remember these will be hot) and again deep fry until golden brown and crisp.
Onion Ear  Rings recipe
Monsoon means evening party with snacks. Whenever my guests arrives in the evening ,we discuss different topics like sports,movies,foods etc.By this time I use to make some easily making snacks items one of this is "ONION EAR RINGS" which is very easy and delicious.
Orange Tea Bread recipe
Orange tea bread is an English style prepared breakfast bread recipe with a nice orange tinge rendered by addition of orange juice and rind to the flour mix. The orange breads are sliced and served fresh out of the oven with tea or milk.
Pakoda Pinwheel recipe
It is a unique recipe made with pinwheel bread.
Palak Cheese Roll recipe
the green and white coloured rolls looks pleasing as well as tastes delicious!
Palak Dill Cannelloni recipe
Palak Dill Cannelloni is not a pasta but a paneer snack stuffed and rolled like a cannelloni and deep fried. This delectable spinach and dill stuffed recipe, can double up as elegant starter or snack and also make a great side dish when served with pasta and pulao.
Palak Paneer Pakoda recipe
Palak panner combonation is loved by why not to go for a palak paneer pakodas.
Paneer and Raw Banana Kebab recipe
Paneer and Raw Banana Kebab, this is a rare combination of the protein rich paneer, with the fibrous raw banana, and with the ingredients at home, this can be made in no time.
Paneer Chana Bun recipe
Spicy punjabi tadka in western dish. Best served as a snack
Paneer Kachori recipe
A delicious and a perfect snack loved by kids and adults.
Paneer Sandwich Aloo Pakoda recipe
Juicy paneer and soft potatoes will make these pakodas children's favourite. The inner core iscomposed of successive layers of paneer melts smoothly on the tongue. Packing mint chutney between the paneer slices eliminates their blandness and also helps salt seep inside effectively. Potato covering g ....
Paneer Sandwiches  By Manibhargava recipe
Paneer sandwiches are a nutritious and delicious sandwich recipe with spicy crumbled paneer as filling.
Panyaram recipe
Panyaram is a tasty south indian dish made by steaming the batter of plain flour, idli batter and baking soda and garnished with with mustard seeds,chick peas, coconut pieces, curry leaves and ginger.
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