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Quick Four Ingredients Veg Indian Recipes

Quick four ingredient recipes. quick Indian four ingredietnt recipes. There are many reasons why some people find cooking stressful – and it is our goal to find and root out each of these problems so that cooking becomes a pleasure for everybody. While some people avoid cooking because it takes time, some people find just ‘stocking up’ to be a hassle. Sourcing and maintaining innumerable Indian ingredients, without them rotting or spoiling can be a headache.

4 सामग्री से बनने वाली रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Quick 4 Ingredients recipes in Hindi)
4 સામગ્રી ના ઉપયોગ થી બનતી રેસિપિ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Quick 4 Ingredients recipes in Gujarati)

Moreover, some veg ingredients are so exotic that they can be used only in a few specific recipes. Some veg Indian recipes are so elaborate that just assembling all the ingredients together and preparing them takes more than half an hour. Well, often it is worth the effort – because the dishes do turn out as grand as the ingredients that go in – but on a busy day, nobody has time for such fare. We gave this some thought, and you can see the results in this article.

Lauki Chilla, Bottle Gourd Doodhi CheelaLauki Chilla, Bottle Gourd Doodhi Cheela

Indian Recipes using 4 ingredients

This article on Quick Four Ingredients Veg Indian Recipes brings to you an assortment of recipes, each of which needs just four major ingredients. Most of these 4 ingredients veg recipes are common ones that you will have at your Indian kitchen. Take the dosa, for instance. All you need is rice and urad, both of which are usually there at home.


Plus, even if you buy the ingredients, they won’t go waste because you can make loads of recipes using these. A similar logic applies to the Hariyali Chawal. The recipe focuses on the awesome flavor of coriander, which gives the rice an instant perk-up.

Hariyali Chawal, Coriander Rice RecipeHariyali Chawal, Coriander Rice Recipe

If you take a closer look, you will find that many of these recipes highlight the special characteristics of one or two ingredients, such as coriander, garlic, banana, mooli or vanilla, which have the power to make the dish special. These ingredients have such a strong flavor and aroma that they can enhance a dish without much help from other ingredients! If you understand this concept, you can easily create many more such stunning recipes with a small array of ingredients.

Quick Sabzis using 4 main ingredients

Quick sabzis using 4 ingredien. If you understand the logic behind making quick subzis, you never have to go without it again. The idea is to use veggies and ingredients like spinach, corn, paneer, potatoes and raw bananas, which cook quickly. If you need to cook in a hurry, you must stock up regularly on paneer, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, corn and green peas. Many of these easily cook in the kadai itself without requiring to be cooked separately. You can then quickly sauté these with a few common spices, and you’re done!

Quick Paneer SubziQuick Paneer Subzi

The Quick Paneer Subzi and Paneer Bhurji are two tongue-tickling treats prepared with paneer, while corn transforms into a Corn ki Subzi or Palak Corn Subzi.

The Mooli Subzi and Cabbage and Capsicum Subzi are two quick vegetable dishes that can be part of any meal, any day. 

Mooli Subzi, Radish Dry Vegetable

Mooli Subzi, Radish Dry Vegetable

Indian breads using 4 ingredients 

You can make many Indian breads using 4 main ingredients. Try some healthy Indian breads like jowar bajra garlic roti , bajra roti, jowar rotiradish nachni roti recipe , basic ragi roti recipe, and whole wheat roti.

Jowar Bajra Garlic RotiJowar Bajra Garlic Roti

All these rotis are without the use of plain flour and good for a healthy lifestyle. In fact they are also good for diabetics, weight loss and heart patients.

Quick Recipes using 4 ingredients

The recipes span different meals, right from quick breakfast, quick roits, quick subzis to quick dals and quick rice, and even quick snacks and quick Indian desserts. Take your pick from Paneer Paratha, Oats Upma these, and enjoy the comfort of a home-cooked and tasty meal even on hurried days. You will also discover many more such easy but awesome recipes with minimal, common ingredients on our website and app.

Quick Vegetable Appe
Quick Vegetable Appe

Remember, it is not all about what goes into a dish; it is also about how the ingredients are used – so take a few ideas from this to cook smart, live smart.

Quick Indian desserts with 4 ingredients

Why not make Indian desserts with 4 main ingredients and your life is simplified. Quick peanut ladoo is an easy recipe made from peanuts, sugar, cardamom and some ghee. 

Peanut Ladoo, Quick Peanut LaddooPeanut Ladoo, Quick Peanut Laddoo

halim ladoo is a traditional Maharashtrian sweet dish made with iron-rich garden cress seeds, ghee, jaggery, rava, powered almonds and desiccated coconut. Once the halim is soaked, this is a super quick Maharashtrian halim ladoo to make.

Halim Ladoo, Halim LadduHalim Ladoo, Halim Laddu

Happy Cooking!

Enjoy our quick four ingredient recipes. quick Indian four ingredietnt recipes and other quick recipe articles below. 

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