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129 coconut oil recipes

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नारियल का तेल रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (coconut oil recipes in Hindi)
નાળિયેરનું તેલ રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (coconut oil recipes in Gujarati)

125 Coconut Oil recipes | Indian Coconut Oil recipes |

Coconut oil recipes | Indian coconut oil recipes | Coconut oil used in Indian recipes |

Indian Breakfast recipes using Coconut oil

Appam a famous dish from the keralite repertoire of south indian cooking. This recipe is an easy-to-make, instant version. Rava Dosa easy to make counterpart of the traditional dosa! makes it perfect for breakfast on a busy morning. Serve crispy rava dosa hot with Coconut Chutney.

Coconut ChutneyCoconut Chutney

Adai Recipe quick South-Indian style dosa has the rich aroma of coconut oil and roasted dals, and a very rustic flavour as well. Coconut Flour Bread make a healthy loaf of bread, which is gluten-free, dairy-free and low-carb great for breakfast.

Adai Recipe, Adai Dosa, Breakfast Adai Recipe, Adai Dosa, Breakfast

An accompaniment combination with appam and idiyappam Potato Stew has the dominant flavour of coconut milk subtly spiced with green chillies.

South Indian food using Coconut Oil

South Indians uses coconut by all means in every dish they make. Let that be oil, fresh coconut or its milk. It is one of the dominating ingredients in the cuisine, few are such recipes Bisi Bele Bhaat a traditional spicy rice dish from Karnataka is quite addictive – served piping hot topped with lots of ghee and accompanied by fried papads and a cool raita. 

Bisi Bele Bhaat
Bisi Bele Bhaat

Garlic Rasam this is good for digestion as well as for general well-being. Having rasam at least once a fortnight and enjoy its flavour along with its health benefits. 

Garlic RasamGarlic Rasam

Mor Kuzhambu quite easy to make and uses common ingredients. It is basically whisked curd flavoured with a semi-spicy coconut paste. 

More KuzhambuMore Kuzhambu

Tamarind Rice popularly known as puliyodharai, puliyogare, pulihora, puli sadam is a famous South-Indian tangy, spicy rice preparation.

 Tamarind Rice
 Tamarind Rice

Kala Chana Sundal tempered with mustard, urad dal and other traditional ingredients, and garnished with fresh and juicy grated coconut.  

Chutney and podi using Coconut Oil

Chutney and podi used as an accompaniment in various dishes, goes well for breakfast as well as for lunch. Coriander Pachadi has a nice texture, with something to kind of bite into, like the roasted dals, garlic. It is a wonderful accompaniment for all kinds of tiffin, be it Idli, dosa or upma

Rice and Moong Dal Idli
Rice and Moong Dal Idli

Fried Coconut Chutney mellow flavour of fresh coconut transforms into a more exciting one when it is roasted to a golden brown. Chutney Podi sure to make you gobble up an extra idli or two! Mixed with til oil, this chutney podi makes an exciting accompaniment to hot Idlis and dosas. 

 Fried Coconut Chutney, South Indian Recipe
 Fried Coconut Chutney, South Indian Recipe

Ellu Podi dry spice-dal blends that can be served as side dishes or even mixed with rice and served, for a simple main course meal. 

Ellu Podi
Ellu Podi

Karuveppilai Podi powder of roasted curry leaves, dals and spices, transforms a simple breakfast or into a tongue-tickler!

Indian Curry and gravy using coconut oil

Kerala Sambar a rich and flavourful version, which is made of toovar dal and mixed vegetables like brinjal, ladies finger and red pumpkin, laced with tamarind and flavoured with a spicy masala of coconut. 

 Kerala Sambar, Kerala Sambhar with Coconut
 Kerala Sambar, Kerala Sambhar with Coconut

Kerala Parippu an experience to be savoured. This authentic Kerala dal recipe uses common, everyday ingredients, yet it is addictively tasty when had with freshly Steamed Rice ! Drumstick and Cashew Curry a unique dish with cashew pieces in every bite. Yam Kalan a spicy, curd-based gravy recipe from Kerala. 

 Kerala Parippu, Kerala Dal, Onam Recipe
 Kerala Parippu, Kerala Dal, Onam Recipe

Indian Sabzi's using Coconut oil

Bhindi Mappas features sautéed bhindi in aromatic coconut milk gravy.

Avial delicacy with its unusual combination of veggies, flavoured aesthetically with a mildly-spiced coconut paste. French Beans Poriyal an indispensable part of the Tamilian thali meal. Cabbage Foogath simple yet very delicious and the most basic and minimal ingredients are used in preparing foogath, mainly made with cabbage, green peas, grated coconut and coconut oil. 


Capsicum Poriyal this flavourful and crunchy veggie is a hot favourite there too, and is used in a variety of dishes. Pumpkin Kootu Curry a semi-solid curry of veggies and pulses or beans, enriched with a paste of coconut and spices, and tempered traditionally.

French Beans and Carrot Thoran a colourful combination of French beans and carrot. Veggies sautéed with onions and an aromatic tempering of seeds and red chillies, and then it is perked up with a tasty mixture of coconut.

 French Beans and Carrot Thoran, Kerala Dry Sabzi French Beans and Carrot Thoran, Kerala Dry Sabzi

Healthy munchies and Indian snacks using coconut oil

Avocado and Coconut Crostini delectable version, crostinis topped with an innovative combination of avocado, coconut oil and freshly-grated coconut. 

 Avocado and Coconut Crostini  Avocado and Coconut Crostini

Jowar Dhani Popcorn with Coconut and Peanuts healthier than the tradition popcorn. Made from simple ingredients like jowar puffs, peanuts, dry coconut, coconut oil. 

Upperi mouth-feel is an appetizing appearance while spices like cardamom and dry ginger give it a wonderful aroma and taste. Mixed Nut and Berries Granola handy snacks, which can help to fight sudden hunger pangs at work or when you are on the move.  

 Upperi, Raw Banana Sweet Crispies, Recipe for Onam  Upperi, Raw Banana Sweet Crispies, Recipe for Onam

Beverages using Coconut Oil 

Coconut Milk with Coconut Oil Coffee Creamer health-conscious people are always looking for healthier alternatives to milk to add to their black coffee this one recipe goes beautifully with black coffee! 

 Coconut Milk with Coconut Oil Coffee Creamer Recipe  Coconut Milk with Coconut Oil Coffee Creamer Recipe

Orange Oat Coconut Smoothie it has a completely off-beat taste, which is so exciting for the palate, that you can’t wait between gulps! 

Healthy Desserts using  Coconut Oil

Chocolate Coconut Healthy Vegan Dessert With the intense flavour of cocoa, the mellow but rich taste of coconut butter and the lovely crunch of coconut, this dessert is one that everyone will relish.

 Chocolate Coconut Healthy Vegan Dessert Chocolate Coconut Healthy Vegan Dessert

Almond Berry and Coconut Cake a dashing treat for the palate, with its melt-in-the-mouth texture and splendid flavour. This unique cake is made with almond flour, coconut, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and honey.

 Almond Berry and Coconut Cake, For Fitness and Weight Loss  Almond Berry and Coconut Cake, For Fitness and Weight Loss

Benefits of coconut oil 

Coconut Oil : Coconut oil is a medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s).  Unlike other fats, they go directly from the gut to the liver. From here, they are then used as a source of energy. As the calories in MCT’s are used straight away, they are less likely to be stored as fats in the body. MCT's have shown to improve your brain and memory function, they also give a boost to your energy levels and improve your endurance

 Kadala Curry, Kerala Curry for Appam, Puttu and Dosa  Kadala Curry, Kerala Curry for Appam, Puttu and Dosa

The MCT in Coconut oil reduces the LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) while increasing the count of HDL cholesterol, maintaining normal blood pressure and good for diabetics. See detailed benefits of coconut oil

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