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ज्युस और पेय - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Pregnancy Juices and Drinks recipes in Hindi)
જ્યુસ અને પીણાં - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Pregnancy Juices and Drinks recipes in Gujarati)

Juices and Drinks Recipes for Pregnancy

Pregnancy Juice Recipes | Pregnancy Indian Drink Recipes. At least 2 litres of water along with a good dose of other fluid consumption is always recommended by all doctors and dietitians to pregnant women. Mums-to-be need to sip of fluids in between meals to keep themselves hydrated and avoid constipation too.

Dehydration, especially in the last trimester can cause dizziness, headaches, cramps etc. Water also carries other nutrients to cells of the body and helps to flush out toxins from the body. So now that you have known enough reasons to consume water and liquids, try your hand on our well researched recipes.

Hydrating Energizing SmoothieHydrating Energizing Smoothie

All you need to remember is to include a variety of fruits and veggies to make your healthy glass of nutrients and avoid the use of sugar or restrict to minimal when required. You are sure to make up for your antioxidant requirement to by way of these juices and drinks.

Juices and Indian Drinks Recipes for Pregnancy, Fruit Drinks

Watermelon Apple DrinkWatermelon Apple Drink

Strawberry Chickoo Shake is an unusual combination of strawberries and chickoo and is just what you will need when you are too famished to cook, too nauseated to eat, but badly in need of a sumptuous snack. Full of nutrients like protein, calcium, vitamin C and fibre too, this is as satiating as a snack can get.

Tangy Twist is comprised of healthy fruits like orange, pomegranate and black grapes which combine to give it a lovely purple colour that is soothing to your eyes and this drink is as appeasing to your palate. Top up your Vitamin A levels with this Melon Magic which is also rich in other nutrients like b-complex vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. With no added sugar this drink is naturally sweet because of sweet muskmelons.

Indian Juices and Drinks Recipes for Pregnancy, Vegetable Drinks

Anti- Cancer and Anti- Inflammation Spinach JuiceAnti- Cancer and Anti- Inflammation Spinach Juice

Kickstart your day with this Carrot Apple and beetroot Juice that is loaded with fibre, vitamin A, vitamin C and phosphorus. The unusual combination of carrot, apple and beetroot gives it a mesmerizing taste and an amazing colour. Here is a cool and healthy cleanser Spinach and Mint Juice to start your day with. The lemon in this dark green juice helps to retain the colour and enhance the absorption of iron in your body.

Beet Treat is a mesmerizing drink which satisfies aesthetic as well as nutritional demands. It is high in carbohydrates as it contains beetroot, which is the richest source of natural sugars. Apples give this juice good body thus making sure it satiates your appetite. Veggie Boost has refreshing vegetables like carrot, spinach, parsley, celery which combine to make this super juice rich in fibre and Vitamin C.

Beet Treat, Carrot Beet and Apple Juice

Beet Treat, Carrot Beet and Apple Juice

Enjoy all our juices and drinks recipes for pregnancy | Pregnancy Juice Recipes | Pregnancy Indian Drink Recipes.. Explore more varieties in our pregnancy section everyday.

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How To Make Pear Juice, Fresh Pear Juice recipe
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Fruit and Nut Milkshake, Protein Rich Recipe recipe
Fruit and nut milkshake, a perfect evening snack for pregnant women, who are usually advised to have small and frequent meals. With 8.1 gm of protein per glass, this energy and nutrient dense drink will surely boost the growth of the foetus.
Spinach and Mint Juice ( Healthy Juice) recipe
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Honey Lemon Water for Weight Loss recipe
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Anti- Cancer and Anti- Inflammation Spinach Juice recipe
Some foods are so easy to make yet so beneficial, you feel like saying – oh, why didn’t I know about this earlier! Well, the Anti-cancer and Anti-inflammation Spinach Juice is a perfect example. An apt blend of ingredients like spinach and tomatoes gives it a nice taste and consistency, while at ....
Orange Mint Juice, Healthy Orange Pudina Drink recipe
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Carrot, Tomato and Beetroot Juice recipe
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Guava Drink, Peru Drink recipe
It is difficult to pass by guavas in the market without buying some. With their pleasant aroma and unique flavour, guavas are perfectly poised to please your palate. This fruit is a boon during pregnancy, especially if you are having digestive problems like constipation. This is because guava, with ....
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Melon Magic, Muskmelon and Orange Juice recipe
To get your mind to start working at top speed and to get the much-needed boost of creative energy, grab a glass of this magic portion! Muskmelon and Orange Juice is an ultimate healing juice, ideal as an immune booster due to its high vitamin A levels. Vitamin A (Beta-carotene) is a potent ant ....
Veggie Boost Juice recipe
These refreshing veggies (carrot, spinach, parsley, celery) combine to make a super juice rich in fibre to keep a check on blood sugar. Carrots and spinach have been credited with zinc that aid in increasing ....
Honey Banana  Shake recipe
This duo of bananas and yoghurt will provide for plenty of calcium and energy in your diet which is helpful throughout your 9 months of pregnancy. Be it early morning or mid afternoon, this refresher is sure to lift your spirits up.
Beet Treat, Carrot Beet and Apple Juice recipe
Kick start your day with this energy boosting treat. Rich in flavour and nutrients, it satisfies aesthetic as well as nutritional demands. The Beet Treat is high in carbohydrates as it contains beetroot, which is the richest source of natural sugars. Apples give this juice good body thus making ....
Tangy Twist ( Vitamin C Rich Recipe ) recipe
A glassful of vitamin c! although it is beneficial to eat whole fruit rather than a juice, this one is an exception as it provides your daily dose of vitamin c in one shot. Pomegranates are rich in fibre and potassium making this a refreshing shot of multi-vitamins. Drink-up!
Watermelon and Coconut Water Drink recipe
The innovative combination of watermelon and coconut water gives you a refreshing drink, which tickles the palate and seems to rejuvenate every cell in the body! Watermelon is a cooling fruit, which is made even better by the addition of coconut water, which is effective in balancing the stomach ....
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