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बिना तेल सब्जी रेसिपी, जीरो ऑयल सब्जी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Zero Oil Subzis recipes in Hindi)
ઝીરો ઓઇલ સબ્જી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Zero Oil Subzis recipes in Gujarati)

Zero Oil Subzis, Oil Free Sabzis

Ever thought that Subzis could be made without using oil? Well Zero oil cooking is a skill, which was mastered as we assembled recipes for this section. You too can master it through practice and patience. With a well-chosen collection of delicious recipes, we are sure this section will change the pre-conceived notion about having to essentially add oodles of oil to make Indian subzis tasty and to help you make your family’s meal times healthier and happier. 

Oil free subzis are excellent choice for weight watchers as they are low in calories and fat. Moreover we have used a combination of vegetables, sprouts and pulses to add on to the nutritive value.

Are Oil Free Subzis good for Diabetics with High Cholesterol? 

Zero Oil Subzis are good for those diabetics who are trying to lose weight or those people who have high cholesterol levels because we have replaced some high fat items like cream, whole milk, cashewnut or coconut paste with vegetable paste, low fat milk and low fat paneer. People with diabetes should always consult their nutritionist or doctor before changing their diet.


Here are zero oil versions of your favourite subzis from different states of India like…

· Bhindi masala is one recipe which is not only oil free but also will boost your brain health. Being rich in folate it is a very good option for pregnant ladies as the folate requirements increase during pregnancy.

·  Rajma Saagwala is a nutritious oil free recipe as it is rich in Vitamin A to maintain good eye health. Being rich in calcium it will promote bone strength and is also rich in folic acid to revitalize your brain cells. 

·  Tameta Muthia nu Shaak is a tangy zero oil recipe where the muthias are steamed and a perfect mix of spices gives it a brilliant flavour. It is a recipe rich in B-vitamin – Thiamine which is required for energy production and brain health.

· Grated Cauliflower with Peas is a great recipe if you are trying to lose weight as it is Oil free, Low in Calories and Fibre rich making it a perfect option for weight watchers

Other oil free versions of your favourite subzis from different states of India are Bharvan BainganChole,  Kofta Makhani, Shahi Paneer Mutter. Along with those are also a few exceptional ones like Mushroom and Green Peas Curry , Vaal Dalimbi and Cauliflower Indad.

We hope you enjoy our other Oil Free Sections listed below.

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Lauki Kofta Curry recipe
Gone are those days when you had to spend half a day in the kitchen preparing kofta curry! With this simple recipe, cooking becomes not only less tedious but also healthier as the kofta are steamed rather than fried. Cook the gravy on a medium flame to avoid burning of spices and onions. Highl ....
Gajar Fansi recipe
Carrot, a storehouse of vitamin A, combines beautifully with French beans in this simple subzi. Peanuts are used in minor quantities to not only add crunch but also vitamin B3 to this subzi, making it delectable and nutritious.
Tameta Muthia Nu Shaak recipe
A traditional treat from the kitchens of Gujarati , the Tameta Muthia nu Shaak will amaze you with its fenugreek flavoured muthias in a tangy tomato base. While the original recipe calls for oodles of oil, we have managed to recreate the same magic without a ....
Moong Dal and Suva Subzi recipe
The unique taste of suva, fortified by moong dal and spiced with green chillies makes this subzi a must-try. Suva and tomatoes are rich in vitamin A and iron, while moong dal provides the necessa ....
Aloo Mutter Korma, Punjabi Aloo Matar Korma recipe
Potato and green peas is an evergreen combination, which works effectively in varied dishes, ranging from salads and sandwiches to kormas and subzis . ....
Kofta Makhani recipe
The very word 'makhani' brings to our mind a rich gravy with lots of butter and cream! However, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that the same magical impact can be created in a healthy fashion by using low-fat milk. The vibrant, red-coloured kofta used in this delightful dish is made us ....
Shahi Paneer Mutter recipe
The word 'Shahi' is immediately associated with rich, fat-laden and royal subzis. Here is a healthier version of the same, made with well-chosen ingredients and slight modifications to the cooking style. You will be surprised to note it retains the royal flavour! To maintain the richness and the ....
Mixed Sprouts and Palak Subzi recipe
The very sight of assorted sprouts is appetizing. Of different sizes, shapes and colours, the sprouted beans tempt you to grab a spoon without any delay! In this mouth-watering recipe, the sprouts are combined with spinach, onions and tomatoes, and jazzily flavoured with pav bhaji masala. Even w ....
Spicy Broccoli Subzi recipe
Broccoli – a vegetable that you thought was best suited for international cuisines – is also a perfect to fit into desi subzis! Try this delicious recipe, and you are sure to agree with us. This recipe features broccoli in a unique gravy, which is thickened with roasted chana dal and urad dal pe ....
Rajma Saagwala ( Zero Oil Recipe) recipe
Rajma's versatility needs no introduction. It fits beautifully into quite a range of recipes! Here it combines with healthy amaranth leaves, which are rich in fibre, folic acid and vitamin C. Rajma Saagwala, Mixed Veggie Raita and
Baby Corn Palak recipe
baby corn palak recipe | healthy baby corn palak sabzi | Indian style baby corn spinach curry | with 25 amazing images. baby corn palak recipe is a healthy variation to the famous North In ....
Zero Oil Tinda Masala recipe
This is the perfect way to cook tinda when it is in season. With onions, tomatoes and spices, cooked together in a simple but effective way, the round gourd transforms into a great accompaniment for phulkas and
Khatti Meethi Papdi, Dhokli Subzi, Valor Papdi Subzi recipe
An all-time favourite from the kitchens of Gujarat, the Khatti Meethi Papdi is a delicious subzi that combines besan dumplings and walor papdi with everyday spices. Although it uses common ingredients, this valor Papdi Subzi has a unique texture and mind-blowing flavour because of the way it is ....
Khatta Gobhi recipe
Cauliflower is an all-time favourite vegetable, but mostly deep-fried or sautéed in oodles of oil. As a healthy change from these formats, try this delicious Khatta Gobhi, a preparation of cauliflower in a sour curd-based gravy. Not only is this recipe oil-free and low-cal, it is also excessivel ....
Mushroom and Green Peas Curry recipe
Very popular with my grandchildren, this curry is best relished with steaming hot phulkas .Both mushrooms and green peas are a storehouse of nutrients like fibre, zinc, potassium, folic acid etc. Making
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