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टोस्ट सैंडविच - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Toast Sandwich recipes in Hindi)
ટોસ્ટ સેન્ડવિચ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Toast Sandwich recipes in Gujarati)

Sandwich Toaster Recipes

sandwich toaster recipes collectionSandwiches are quick and easy to make. In spite of having a handful of ingredients, you can whip up delicious, filling sandwiches in times of hunger. You can make an old-school sandwich with simple ingredients or loaded sandwiches with exotic ingredients. From chutneys, sauces and cheese you can enhance the flavor by the addition of any of these. Out of all the variants available cold sandwich, stuffed, layered, grilled or toasted, toast sandwiches are my favorite!

Oats Moong Toast
Oats Moong Toast

Toasting brings out the sugariness of the bread. You can either toast a bread in a pop-up toaster and then stuff with a mixture and serve. Bread slices can even be toasted in an oven, applied with a stuffing and baked further. A hand toaster which you can directly place on the gas stove will help you make quick toast sandwiches. You can even make sandwiches on a tava, it is very easy to do and fuss-free.

Mumbai Roadside Toast Sandwich Recipes

Cheese Masala Toast SandwichCheese Masala Toast Sandwich

The sandwich is a popular roadside food in Mumbai. From a basic chutney sandwich to vegetable cheese grilled sandwich, you will find huge varieties of sandwiches with a combination of various ingredients. The Masala Toast with a flavorful potato stuffing, veggies and chutney are easy to make. When cooked on a sandwich toaster, the aroma is so appetizing that one just cannot resist a bite!

Vegetable-Cheese-Grilled-SandwichVegetable Cheese Grilled Sandwich

If you are not a fan of potato stuffing, opt for the veg toast sandwich, which is neatly cut into six equal pieces and served with tomato ketchup and chutney. Cheese Chilli Toast made by stuffing chutney coated bread with a mixture of crunchy capsicum, cheese and seasoning. The gooey cheese will perk up your mood the moment you have the first bite.

Open Toast Veg Sandwich Recipes

Cheese, Olive and Jalapeno ToastCheese, Olive and Jalapeno Toast

The subtle flavor of mushroom combined beautifully with Indian spices makes Mushroom On Toast an amazing mid-day snack. You can mix together boiled corn with finely chopped vegetables and herbs to make a Garlicky Corn, Tomato and Cheese Toast.

Garlicky-Corn-Tomato-and-Cheese-ToastGarlicky Corn Tomato and Cheese Toast

A very simple Tomato and Cucumber Open Sandwich with tongue-tickling green chutney have to be consumed immediately after cooking before it gets soft and chewy. Crisp, buttered toasts topped with a lip-smacking combination of cheese, olives and jalapeno to make the Cheese, Olive and Jalapeno Toast are sure to make you drool!

Tava Sandwich

If you do not have a sandwich maker, worry not! You can make those crusty toasted sandwiches at home now by roasting it on a tava. Just smear some butter on a hot tava and make delicious Cheese Vegetable Sandwich, Potato and Corn Sandwich or Cabbage and Carrot Double Decker Sandwich. Also, you can make healthy Oats Moong Toast.

Cabbage and Carrot Double Decker SandwichCabbage and Carrot Double Decker Sandwich

Enjoy our sandwich toaster recipes collection and other starter, snack recipe articles below. 

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Potato and Corn Sandwich On A Tawa recipe
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Cheese Celery Garlic Toast recipe
The herby taste of celery and the pungency of garlic team up to make a superb spread for toasted bread. The Cheese Celery Garlic Toast has everything that a toast-lover would ask for - crispy bread, a dab of flavourful spread and a dash of cheese too. You can enjoy this as a
Besan Bread Toast, Tava Bread Toast recipe
This is a very unique, classically Indian toast that is made by tava-cooking bread coated with a batter of besan perked up with spice powders and veggies. The Besan Bread Toast has a crisp and spicy, veggie-dotted outer surface that reminds you of bhajiyas. This slowly gives way to the succu ....
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Open Paneer Masala Toast recipe
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Palak Paneer Toast recipe
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Cabbage and Carrot Double Decker Sandwich recipe
Paneer and cheese perk up the protein quotient of this toasted vegetable sandwich. Packed with bone-strengthening calcium, this is also a great option for children. Enjoy it with a glass of fresh juice to kick start the day!
Toasted Hummus Sandwich with Vegetables recipe
A famous dip from the Middle East, Hummus features an amazing combo of chickpeas, garlic and curds. It has a nice texture, a bit of tang and a pungent taste, which are enhanced further in this recipe, by adding crunchy veggies, cheese, and a dash of herbs and spices. This multi-textured and ....
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