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टायफ़ायड स्नेकस् रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Typhoid Snacks recipes in Hindi)
ટાઈફોઈડ માટે ના નાસ્તા ની રેસિપિ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Typhoid Snacks recipes in Gujarati)

Typhoid Snack Recipes, Healthy Veg Indian Typhoid Snacks

Typhoid Snack Recipes, Healthy Veg Indian Typhoid Snacks. It is good to snack between meals, to instil a bit more energy into your tired self and put you back on track! Junk foods are absolutely blacklisted during a typhoid attack.

Rice and Moong Dal IdliRice and Moong Dal Idli

So, don’t think twice before putting away the pizzas, pastas, mithais, aerated drinks, cakes and chocolates, which not only load your digestive system but also inhibit your immune system!

Replace junk food with healthy Indian snacks for Typhoid

Replace junk food with healthy Indian snacks for Typhoid. Some healthy snacks for Typhoid are  Fruit Chaat, Quick Rice Panki, or Moong Dal Dosa. These will ensure you get enough protein and vitamins – much needed nutrients for your body to recover from typhoid.

Moong Dal Dosa, Healthy Pregnancy RecipeMoong Dal Dosa, Healthy Pregnancy Recipe

Light snacks for those with typhoid

For some very light snack options, you can try Date and Walnut Balls, Apple Stew, etc., or a drink like the Watermelon and Coconut Water Drink.

Watermelon and Coconut Water Drink

Watermelon and Coconut Water Drink

Snacks that are made of eggs, milk and milk products must be chosen selectively, based on individual tolerance to these ingredients.

Enjoy our healthy typhoid snack recipes, Indian typhoid diet and other typhoid articles below.


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