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मैंगनीज युक्त आहार - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Manganese Diet recipes in Hindi)
મેંગેનીઝ ડાયેટ રેસિપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Manganese Diet recipes in Gujarati)

What is Manganese?

Manganese is a naturally occurring mineral which is required is small quantities by the body and thus a trace mineral. 20 mg of manganese is found in body which is majorly concentrated in pancreas, kidney and liver. It is found in a large number of plant foods and hence its deficiency is very rare.

6 Major Functions of Manganese in our Body are:

1. Assists the body in maintaining healthy bone structure by helping in making enzymes needed to build strong bones.
2. It has a key role in blood clotting factors and sex hormones.
3. It also participates in lipid and carbohydrate metabolism.
4. To aid in the absorption of Calcium.
5. It is very important nutrient form brain and nerve functioning.
6. As a catalyst it helps in Antioxidant action thus helping to protect you from oxidative stress and various diseases like Heart disease, Cancer etc.

The recommended daily allowance (RDA) of manganese is 2-5 mg/day. The major dietary source include the following:

25 Foods Rich in Manganese

1. Hazelnuts 5.6
2. Oats 4.9
3. Pecans 4.5
4. Pumpkin Seeds 4.5
5. Walnuts 3.4
6. Chia Seeds 2.72
7. Flax Seeds 2.48
8. Sesame Seeds 2.46
9. Almonds 2.17
10. Chick Peas (kabuli chana), 1 cup cooked 2.1
11. Sunflower Seeds 1.95
12. Cashew-nuts 1.68
13. Besan 1.6
14. Buckwheat 1.3
15. Pistachios 1.2
16. Tofu 1.2
17. Kidney Beans (Rajma) (uncooked) 1.11
18. Brown Rice Cooked 0.97
19. Spinach (Palak) 0.89
20. Chawli Leaves, Amaranth Leaves 0.88
21. Cooked Dalia or Bulgar 0.69
22. Kale 0.66
23. Quinoa cooked 0.61
24. Coriander 0.42
25. Barley cooked 0.25

25 Foods Rich in Manganese

Though a deficiency of manganese is unlikely but in severe cases it can lead to:

• Abnormality in bone mineralization
• Skeletal abnormalities
• Impaired glucose tolerance
• Weakness
• Growth failure especially in growing kids
• Impaired reproductive health and in extreme cases infertility
• Memory loss
• Muscular contraction

Take a look at our most popular manganese rich recipes and try them in your own kitchen. Sit back and enjoy and make up for your daily requirement of this nutrient.


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