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Nothing short of treasures, these classic rice recipes have been cooked in our country since time immemorial. While everyone has their favourite version, here we present the most commonly-practiced ways of preparing traditional rice delicacies like

Pulao is a rice preparation that combines rice with an aesthetic blend of spices, and other ingredients like veggies, Sprouts, Paneer,

Biryani - We come across this dish every other day, in Indian restaurants, books, websites, and in our own homes. But, have you ever wondered what it really is, what sets it apart from other dishes, how it is to be served, etc.?

Biryani is a spicy Indian dish, made of rice and ve ....

100 + Khichadi Recipe, Khichdi Recipe Collection

After a long and tiring day when your bones are almost giving away, after a deadly fever that has left you like a rag,

Rice is a much-loved grain not just in India but in many other parts of the world too, such as China and Mexico. Here, we have brought together a collection of rice recipes from varies cuisines like Mexican, American, French and Italian.
Experience the convenience of rice with these wonderful recipes that can be cooked in a jiffy, without any hassles. These Quick Rice Recipes taste fabulous but are mostly made using readily-available ingredients and easy cooking methods. Enter, to try out recipes like the
Tasty though rice is, you cannot have too much of it, because of the cal-scare it gives weight-watchers and diabetics! The Low-cal Rice Recipes in this section make use of substitutes like brown rice, bulgur wheat, etc., to make mouth-watering but healthy rice delicacies like
Soya is a wonderful source of protein, especially for vegetarians, and it can be smartly combined with rice to make a valuable protein-carbohydrate combo. This section features recipes that combine rice with soya products like soya chunks, soya granules, tofu, etc., to make delectable dishes like
Rice recipes without onions, garlic, potatoes and other ingredients that are usually avoided by Jains, can also taste fabulous, when cooked with the appropriate ingredients and using smart cooking methods that elevate the flavour and aroma of the dish. Lose yourself in the mouth-watering taste of Ja ....