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प्रोटीन भरपुर व्यंजन सब्जी़ - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (High Protein Sabzis recipes in Hindi)
હાઇ પ્રોટીન શાક - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (High Protein Sabzis recipes in Gujarati)

Protein Rich Sabzis, High protein Indian Vegetables

Protein is one of the major nutrients required by the body. The most important function of protein is to support cell health. Each and every cell, tissue and organ of the body needs protein. It helps in the maintenance of cells and also their wear and tear. If you get hurt and a new layer of skin appears with time, it’s because of protein. It helps in transport of oxygen to all cells of the body too. Hair and nails also grow with the help of protein. Moreover bones, which support our body, also need protein for their strength.

Sarson ka SaagSarson ka Saag

An adult man needs approx. 60 g and an adult woman needs approx. 55 g of protein daily. Depending on the amount of work that an individual performs, the protein requirement varies though. During phases of illness, surgery and during recuperation, the protein requirement increases as the body needs it for building anti-bodies and for the regeneration of lost tissues, especially during periods of blood loss to make up for the lost blood. 

Sabzis are usually a unique combination of veggies and spices. But subzis need not be made with just veggies. This section exhibits addition of protein rich ingredients like paneer, dals sprouts and tofu mainly to make up for the protein need by way of vegetarian fare. Click here for complete List of Protein Rich Ingredients.

Methi Mutter Malai, Punjabi Methi Matar Malai Recipe
Methi Mutter Malai, Punjabi Methi Matar Malai Recipe

Most of the sabzis in this section have been made with highly nutritious ingredients in minimal fat, so rest assured that minus the fat you are going to get a good dose of other vitamins and minerals too along with protein.

Protein Rich Sabzis using Paneer

Paneer one of the most concentrated vegetarian source of protein, which must be included in the meals definitely. While paneer is easily available in the market, when you have time on hand try making it. Learn the art of making Paneer at Home.

Achari PaneerAchari Paneer

Paneer cubes are most commonly used in sabzis. Paneer Korma and Paneer Lababdar are famour Punjabi sabzis which can help you add loads on protein to your diet. Paneer Lababdar adds around 9 g of protein by way of 1 serving. Isn’t it amazing? Pair them with hot rotis or parathas of your choice and accompany it with a bowl of salad to square up a healthy meal.

Another way of using paneer is by grating or crumbling it and using it as a stuffing to make nourishing options like Stuffed Bhindi with Paneer or make Paneer Palak Koftas in Makhani Gravy.  These are perfect for weekends or days you have leisure time. Plan to buy these healthy ingredients well in advance and together also plan to surprise your family with these healthy delicacies over weekends.

Paneer Palak Koftas in Makhani GravyPaneer Palak Koftas in Makhani Gravy

Protein Rich Sabzis using Sprouts

Considered as chockfull of nutrients, sprouts are one of the healthiest option you can rely on. The process of sprouting makes them easy to digest and enhances their nutrient profile radically. To get most of the other nutrients like calcium, magnesium, vitamins and fiber along with a heavy dose of protein in one tasty package, try out Cucumber and Mixed Sprouts Subzi and Spinach and Moath Beans Curry.

Cucumber and Mixed Sprouts SubziCucumber and Mixed Sprouts Subzi

The most famous Maharashtrian Sprouts Misal is also a protein rich dish. Once the sprouts are handy, it is very easy to put this recipe together in minutes. You can use any one sprout for this sabzi or use a combination of sprouts as well. Learn the Art of Making Different Sprouts.

Protein Rich Sabzis using Dals 

Dals are equally rich in protein. While most people are proficient in making Everyday Dals and Amti, very few think of using dals to make subzis. Famous Gujarati style Suva Chana Dal (10.9 g of protein / serving) and Maharashtrian style Kala Chana Ambti (10.8 g of protein / serving) are classic examples to prove this. 

Suva Chana Dal Suva Chana Dal

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Stuffed Bhindi with Paneer (  Healthy Subzi) recipe
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A delectable blend of flavours and textures makes this Quick Paneer Subzi a great hit! This Jain recipe features cottage cheese cubes, capsicum and tomatoes perked up with a simple yet aromatic powder of coriander and red chillies. Apart from the fact that this lip-smacking subzi uses minimal ingred ....
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Low-cal Paneer Palak Kofta in Makhani Gravy, anyone? The weight-watcher is usually terrified of words like paneer and makhani, but here is a low-cal version of this popular North Indian dish specially formulated to please food lovers without adding to their waistline. The innovative twist here is th ....
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Cucumber and Mixed Sprouts Subzi recipe
Using mixed sprouts ensures an abundant supply of protein and iron in the recipe, while combining them innovatively with chopped cucumber results in a well-balanced flavour and texture, especially since the sprouts are cooked to the right extent retaining a mild crunchiness. Further, the cooking wat ....
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Chockfull of nutrients, this subzi is an easy preparation of tendli and matki in a traditional manner, with usual taste-givers like onions, green chillies, tomatoes and spice powders. What makes this Tendli aur Matki Subzi unique is the combination of tendli and sprouts, which offers calcium, protei ....
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All through the nine months of gestation, you need a good amount of protein and calcium to ensure your good health as well as the baby’s. This Palak, Methi and Corn Subzi is loaded with ingredients that can give you these essential nutrients. Not only that, the fenugreek, spinach and curds als ....
Sprouted Kala Chana Ambti recipe
Like Sambhar is to Tamil Nadu, Amti is to Maharashtra. Amti is a flavourful dal preparation that is frequently prepared in Maharashtrian households. It is a versatile dish with many variants, and this particular one is a Sprouted Kala Chana Amti. It is rich in fibre and protein due to the use of kal ....
Paneer Lababdar recipe
Low-fat paneer cubes in an aromatic, spicy gravy with sautéed onions, the Paneer Lababdar is sure to be the highlight of your meal. Using low-fat paneer ensures that this flavourful dish is low in fat but rich in calcium and
Suva Chana Dal recipe
Sometimes, the right combination of nutrients works better than a single supplement in overcoming a shortfall. In boosting haemoglobin levels for example, a combination of iron and protein will do the job better, as in the case of this Suva Chana Dal where the former brings in protein to support the ....
Stuffed Karelas in Makhani Gravy recipe
Karela is a low calorie vegetable which is acclaimed for its anti-diabetic properties. This recipe is an attempt to make them appealing. The karelas are stuffed with moong dal and served in a makhani gravy that is made using very little oil. Enriched with protein, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, ir ....
Subz Makhani recipe
Does the name ‘makhani’ remind you of a butter-laden delicacy? well, this version tastes almost the same, but not as sinful as the original, thanks to the use of low-fat milk. The subz makhani features an exciting melange of veggies and spices, which make it a luxurious yet healthy accompaniment to ....
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