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घरेलु नुस्खे कमजोर आँखों के लिए - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Home Remedies Defective Vision recipes in Hindi)
નબળી આંખો માટેનો આહાર - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Home Remedies Defective Vision recipes in Gujarati)


What is Defective Vision?
Defective vision refers to the inability to see objects clearly. This can be inability to see far off objects (short sightedness) or inability to see close by objects (long sightedness). In extreme cases, night blindness (inability to see at night) occurs.

Causes of Defective Vision
•Lack of nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin E, protein, iron etc.
•Excessive strain on the eyes

Symptoms of Defective Vision
•Watery eyes •Heaviness of the eyes •Headache

Here are some important food sources with the nutrients they abound in which, will help improve your eyesight.
1. Green leafy vegetables: Leafy vegetables are a storehouse of vitamins A and E, the two nutrients which help us to maintain healthy eyesight. They also abound in iron which is an essential component of blood. Insufficient iron leads to decreased supply of blood to the eyes thus making the vision defective. Feasting on leafy vegetables will help you acquire better eyesight. If you do not enjoy eating raw vegetables, try disguising them in soups, salads, rotis etc. See Creamy Onion Spinach And Carrot Soup
2. Whole grains and cereals: These are also rich sources of vitamin E. Include cereals like wheat, jowar, wheat bran, rice bran etc. as a part of your daily meal. Refined and processed cereals like maida and semolina have very minimal vitamin E as much of it is in the outer covering of grains.
3. Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables: Vitamin C helps to protect the lens of the eyes. Fruits like orange, sweet lime, guava, papaya, amla etc. and vegetables like broccoli, capsicum, cabbage and all green leafy vegetables are good sources of vitamin C.
4. Dals, sprouts and dairy products: Protein rich foods like dals, sprouts and dairy products are of utmost importance for the formation of a protective chemical in the eyes which is extremely essential for good vision. Include these in your daily cooking and enhance your vision.
5. Orange-yellow fruits and vegetables: Fruits like papaya, carrot and tomatoes are a very good source of vitamin A. Combined with protein, these help to improve your vision, especially at night. So, ensure that you include enough of these orange, yellow coloured fruits and vegetables in your meal. If you are bored of eating them as salads or subzis, try preparing them in innovative ways, such as the Creamy Onion Spinach And Carrot Soup

Foods to be Avoided
•Tea and coffee
•Aerated drinks and alcohol
•Refined foods like maida, pasta, sugar and polished rice
•Canned and preserved foods
•Fast foods like pizzas, burgers etc.
•Ready-to-eat foods like wafers, popcorn etc.

Tips to Improve Vision
1. It is best to have raw fruits and vegetables. If you do cook them, try not to overcook as this leads to loss of volatile nutrients like vitamins C and B complex. Refer to the recipe of Lettuce and Bean Sprouts Salad in Lemon Dressing
2. Have at least two glasses of milk every day to make up for your protein requirement.
3. Include sprouts as a part of any one meal of the day. Sprouts abound in protein, iron and vitamin C and are easier to digest than dals.
4. To enhance the absorption of iron, squeeze a little vitamin C rich lemon juice in your daily cooking or have fresh lime juice after meals.

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