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लो कैलोरी चावल / पुलाव / खिचडी / बिरयानी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Low Calorie Rice / Pulao / Khichdi / Biryani recipes in Hindi)
ભાત / પુલાવ / ખીચડી / બિરયાની - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Low Calorie Rice / Pulao / Khichdi / Biryani recipes in Gujarati)

Low Calorie Rice / Pulao / Khichdi / Biryani Recipes

low calorie indian rice. low cal pulao recipes. Rice, pulao or khichdi is one of the most versatile dish in most parts of India. But due to the high carbohydrate content and glycemic index, white rice is best avoided. However weight watchers do not despair. In this section we bring to you healthy options to white rice to enjoy your favourite comfort food. Try making these delicacies using ingredients like –

1. Brown rice

2. Bulgur wheat

3. Barley

4. Whole Wheat

5. Whole Moong

6. Buckwheat

And along with these ingredients do not forget to control the amount of fat used and toss in loads of veggies for that much needed fiber which aids in weight loss.

Low Calorie Khichdi Recipes

Fada ni KhichdiFada ni Khichdi

If you want to make your khichdi more exciting then try your hands on Gehun ki Bikaneri Khichdi which is a lip smacking khichdi sure to excite your taste buds. Get more innovative in cooking by adding a variety of colourful vegetables in your khichdi just like our Barley Khichdi, adding barley and fibre rich vegetables adds on to the bulk and decreases the calorie value which is good for weight loss. Bajra Whole Moong and Green Pea Khichdi is one such recipe which is protein packed due to the combination of cereals and lentils. It is also a good source of fibre, folic acid, thiamine and phosphorus.

Low Calorie Pulao Recipes

Cabbage PulaoCabbage Pulao

When beans and lentils are sprouted there is an increase in its digestibility and the nutrient content is also enhanced, thus making it a must have in your daily diet. Sprouts Pulao can be had safely by persons who suffer from flatulence, the only thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the sprouting is done properly and you are good to go. Soya Mutter Pulao is made with nutritious soya nuggets and green peas which power pack it with proteins. Moreover, it is really good in fibre which comes from brown rice and green peas. Try this Green Peas and Mint Pulao, a recipe with minimal spices and low in cholesterol. The green colour will soothe your eyes while minty taste gives pleasure to your taste buds.

Low Calorie Biryani Recipes

Kabuli Chana BiryaniKabuli Chana Biryani

Vegetable Biryani is prepared using only 1 teaspoonful of oil and plenty of vegetables which makes it low in calorie, low in cholesterol and good for the heart. Paneer Mutter Biryani is loaded with calcium and good quality proteindue to the presence of paneer and green peas in it. Combining lentils or beans with cereals increases the protein quality of the recipe and you can thus make high quality protein recipe like Masoor Biryani which may be low fat but is quite appetizing.

Try our rice recipes like Moong Sprouts Tomato and Spinach Rice, Fenugreek and Mushroom Brown Rice and Mexican Rice.  Remember to enjoy them in small portions occasionally preferably for lunch than dinner.

Enjoy our low calorie indian rice recipes and other low calorie recipe articles given below.

Low Calorie Lunch, Indian

Low Calorie Salads & Raitas

Low Calorie Soups

Low Calorie Dinner

Paneer Mutter Biryani recipe
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Moong Sprouts, Tomato and Spinach Rice recipe
An all-time favourite with South Indians, Tomato Rice is a spicy and tangy rice preparation that is ideal to pack in lunch boxes! An exciting modification of the traditional recipe, the Moong Sprouts, Tomato and Spinach Rice is made with minimal oil to prevent excess fats. Brown rice, moong sprouts ....
Fada ni Khichdi ( Lower Cholesterol) recipe
A simply, wholesome, flavourful creation made of fibre-rich bulgur wheat, veggies and moong dal, the Fada ni Khichdi is a wonderfully tasty way to keep cholesterol levels under check. Those wishing to lower ch ....
Barley Khichdi recipe
barley khichdi recipe | jau khichdi | barely vegetable khichdi | healthy barley khichdi | with 20 amazing images. barley khichdi also known as
Oats Khichdi recipe
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Vegetable Bulgur Wheat Khichdi, Low Salt Recipe recipe
Vegetables add a splash of colours and refreshing textures to what might otherwise be a boring khichdi. The Vegetable Bulgur Wheat Khichdi is a wonderfully tasty and super healthy dish that’s ideal for those with diabetes, kidney problems or
Kabuli Chana Biryani recipe
kabuli chana biryani recipe | chole biryani | veg chana biryani | healthy chole biryani | baked kabuli chana biryani | with amazing 33 images.
Gehun ki Bikaneri Khichdi ( Diabetic Recipe) recipe
Inspired by heart-warming Rajasthani Cuisine, Gehun ki Bikaneri Khichdi is a whole wheat khichdi that is sumptuous and tasty enough to make a complete meal. Replacing rice with whole wheat enhances the fibre and iron content of this recipe, while the use of equal amounts of ghee and oil gives it a t ....
Bajra, Whole Moong and Green Pea Khichdi recipe
bajra whole moong and green pea khichdi recipe | whole moong bajra and green pea khichdi | healthy green pea bajra and whole moong khichdi | with 20 amazing images. Watching weight or on a diet or want to eat someth ....
Fada ni Khichdi ( Zero Oil Dal Chawal Recipe) recipe
Think beyond lapsi and upma, and try this nutritious meal with broken wheat. All it requires is a little modification to the traditional
Mixed Sprouts Brown Rice, Healthy Sprouts Pulao recipe
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Sprouts Pulao ( Low Cal) recipe
Mildly spiced brown rice, to which sprouts and veggies have been added, is garnished with mint, to enhance its flavours. Sprouting pulses leads to the production of enzyme called "amylase" which helps in enhancing the process of digestion. The pulses when combined with any other cereal like rice, as ....
Vegetable Biryani (1 Tsp Oil ) recipe
Biryani is known to be a rich and luxurious preparation of rice and vegetables. While it traditionally contains oodles of ghee and oil, you will realise upon trying this intelligent version that the same richness can be brought out through the intensity of the spices and quantity of vegetables, with ....
Cabbage Pulao recipe
Here is a tasty rice delicacy, which we put together especially for those who love south Indian food. The Cabbage Pulao is tempered with the traditional South Indian combination of mustard seeds and urad dal, along wi ....
Tomato Methi Rice ( Iron Rich Recipe ) recipe
Iron-laden methi greens are combined with vitamin C rich tomatoes which helps in the absorption of iron. For an additional fibre touch, I have use ....
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