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पौष्टिक लो कॅलरी चटनी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Low Calorie Chutneys recipes in Hindi)
ઓછી કેલરી વાનગીઓ ચટણી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Low Calorie Chutneys recipes in Gujarati)

Low Calorie Chutneys

We have created an interesting collection of Low Cal Chutneys to go with your snacks and meals. Indian's love to spice up their dishes chutney like Dosa, Idli, Pancakes, Vada Pav, Samosa and on and on. But since you are on this low calorie category, it is important that you make use of these low calorie chutneys for healthy snack recipes like Moong Dal Dhokla, Oats Idli, Oats and Cabbage Roti etc. By replacing the unhealthy chutneys with these healthy one’s you will make drastic reduction in your calories because all the hidden calories come from heavy chutneys and accompaniments. Kick out the not so healthy ingredients from your chutney recipe list.

Mint and Onion ChutneyMint and Onion Chutney


6 Ingredients used in low quantity for Low Cal Chutney. These ingredients can also be eliminated from the chutneys.

1. Oil

2. Sugar

3. High Fat Curds

4. Coconut

5. Peanuts

6. Roasted Chana Dal


Low Cal Green Chutneys

The Mint and Onion Chutney gives only 20 calories per serving and can be used on Buckwheat Pancakes or a Moong Sprouts Tikki. There is zero fat added to this chutney and its Diabetic friendly. Then there is the Green Chutney recipe made up of coriander, green chillies and roasted chana dal which will definitely become your all-time favourite for snacks and as well as for main meals.

Low Calorie Green Chutney
Low Calorie Green Chutney

Low Cal Red Chutney

This Tomato Chutney is made with only 1 tsp of oil and works great with bland dishes like Idli and Appes. Then there is Fresh Garlic Chutney which is quick and easy to make and goes well with oil free Vada Pav. The fresh smell of garlic is just mesmerizing and this chutney is also heart friendly. Try this Lebanese style chutney called Shatta which is a spicy red chutney suitable to be used as an accompaniment for healthy tikkis and falafel.

Fresh Garlic Chutney ( Low Calorie Healthy Cooking Fresh Garlic Chutney ( Low Calorie Healthy Cooking 

Enjoy from our range of low calorie chutney recipes along with low calories recipe articles below.

Low Calorie Dals

Low Calorie Indian Dinner

Low Calories Snacks and Starters

Lehsun ki Chutney, Lasun Ki Chutney, Garlic Chutney for Chaat recipe
A pungent chutney of garlic, spiced up with chilli powder and pepped up with lemon juice. Lehsun ki Chutney combines wonderfully with plain and simple dishes like Bajra Rotla. It can also be used to perk up
Mint Chutney,  Pudina Chutney recipe
This popular mint chutney can be prepared in a matter of minutes by using fresh mint along with coriander leaves. This chutney has the aromatic freshness of mint combined with the earthiness of the coriander. Serve it alongside Indian appetizers like
Green Chutney (Chaat) recipe
A green mint and coriander flavoured chutney which is great for sandwich spreads. Mint adds freshness to this chutney. The addition of lemon juice enhances the flavours of mint and coriander and prevent discoloration of the greens. Green chutney is probably the most favourite Indian accompaniment ....
Low Calorie Green Chutney, Hari Chutney – Diabetic Friendly recipe
low calorie green chutney |low cal hari chutney | low cal coriander chutney | diabetic green chutney | with 17 amazing images.
Shatta , Lebanese Red Chutney recipe
Here’s a fiery accompaniment that will warm your taste buds and shake awake your senses! The Shatta is a Lebanese chutney, made of red chillies and garlic with a tinge of lemon, which helps to balance as well as highlight the pungency of the chutney. The Sh ....
Malgapodi and Tomato Coconut Chutney recipe
This delicious chutney of tomatoes, onions and coconut becomes very easy to prepare if you have Malgapodi on hand. A procedure that otherwise involves roasting dals and spices is averted by using the Malgapodi instead. Now, it is as simple as blend-and-serve! The Malgapodi an ....
Mint and Onion Chutney recipe
Onions impart sweetness while lemon juice perks up the flavour of this piquant chutney. Mint and coriander provide vitamin A and C, making this an ideal accompaniment for your favourite snacks like Buckwheat Pancakes ,
High Fibre Chutney ( Healthy Breakfast ) recipe
Dietary fibre is very important for good digestion. It also keeps you full for longer, thereby preventing unnecessary snacking. The main source of fibre in this High Fibre Chutney is the green peas, which is supplemented in flavour and texture by coriande ....
Mint and Coriander Chutney recipe
A mint and coriander flavoured chutney which is great for sandwich spreads. Lemon juice enhances the flavours of mint and coriander and prevents discoloration of the greens. Green chutney is probably the most favourite Indian accompaniment. Chilas tikkis, dhoklas etc. are considered incomplete wi ....
Tomato Chutney ( Cooking with 1 Tsp Oil) recipe
This tangy chutney is the best combination for bland dishes like Idli and appe! One of the most popular South Indian chutneys, this is sure to perk up any meal it is served with. Purée the mixture of sautéed tomatoes, onions and dals ....
Teekha Pudina Chutney,  Spicy Phudina Chutney recipe
What turns a plain deep-fried or baked snack into a mouth-watering delicacy is the deft work of the vendors, drizzling chutneys, sprinkling sev, chopped onions, tomatoes, etc., understanding the pulse of the consumers and their expectations, and customizing every dish accordingly. Teekha Phudi ....
Chunky Vegetable Spread ( Healthy Heart Recipe) recipe
The chunky vegetable spread has everything you need to start your day well – protein from the dairy products and ample fibre and vitamins from the veggies. The use of low-fat cottage cheese and milk ensures a low calorie count, making this spread truly healthy, wealthy and wise, while the parsley ad ....
Raw Mango and Onion Chutney (  High Blood Pressure) recipe
Can’t imagine a life without pickles and piquant chutneys? Appease your craving with this tasty yet healthy chutney made of tangy raw mangoes and pungent onions balanced with jaggery, chilli powder and jeera powder. This low-calorie, low-sodium chutney is an alternative that will score high on both ....
Nutritious Green Chutney recipe
A light chutney prepared with coriander and mint leaves, with onions for flavour and volume, this Nutritious Green Chutney is used widely in Indian cuisine, as an accompaniment for snacks, as a topping for
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