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Diabetic Indian Dessert Recipes | Indian Sweets for Diabetes | Healthy Indian Desserts for Diabetes |

डायबिटीज के लिए डेजर्ट - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Diabetic Desserts recipes in Hindi)
ડાયાબિટીક ડૅઝર્ટસ્ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Diabetic Desserts recipes in Gujarati)

Diabetic Indian Dessert Recipes | Indian Sweets for Diabetes | Healthy Indian Desserts for Diabetes. Can people with Diabetes eat desserts?

People with diabetes often think they need to totally steer clear of desserts. But, the fact is that while it is important for diabetics to control their calorie and sugar intake, they can still have some aptly prepared desserts, occasionally, in limited quantities. They can make better options or learn the art of making sweets/desserts in such a way that it is safe to be consumed and diabetes is managed. Birthdays, festivals or parties, no special occasion is ever complete without desserts! This section will take you on a beautiful ride, which guides you through some of these lip-smacking desserts.

Carbohydrate Control Plays a Key Role in Diabetes Management.

The term carbohydrates include complex carbohydrates, sugar and fibre too. Your blood glucose levels are not only affected by sweets in your diet but also the quality of the carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates like sugar, honey, fruit juices, corn syrup and processed foods can immediately spike up your blood glucose levels and hence, should be avoided by diabetics. Desserts like cakes, pastries, cookies, puddings, ice-creams and candies contain high amount of simple sugars. 

Whole Wheat Orange Cake, Diabetic RecipeWhole Wheat Orange Cake, Diabetic Recipe

These days low sugar sweets and desserts is available in many sweet shops and restaurants. But if you’re craving for sweets then you can make delicious diabetic friendly recipes at home. All you need to do is a wise selection of ingredients. Home-made sweets are a healthier version of regular sweets because you will know the actual amount and type of ingredients used in that particular dessert. It is advisable to use only small quantities of sugar substitute ocassionally and to restrict the portion size to small piece to avoid spoke in blood sugar levels. 

8 Significant Tricks and Ideas for making Indian Diabetic Desserts

Oats and Orange Rabdi, Diabetic Friendly
Oats and Orange Rabdi, Diabetic Friendly

1 Substitute whole milk with low fat milk or skimmed milk.

2. Substitute regular paneer with low fat paneer, butter with low fat butter.

3. Eat whole fruits instead of fruit juices and milk shakes.

4. Replace sugar with natural and low Glycemic Index (GI) ingredients like honey, jaggery, dates, figs and other fruits.

5. Include a lot of fibre in your diet in the form of fruits.

6. Use artificial sweeteners only if necessary.

7. Consume a protein rich diet to control diabetes include ingredients like milk and paneer.

8. Cut down your carbohydrate in meals to make place for desserts if you’re craving.

Our section on diabetic desserts includes a range of lip smacking Indian and International dessert recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth for sure.   Try our yummy dessert recipes:

1. Paneer Kheer is a healthy yet tasty recipe made with low fat paneer and sugar substitute and is also rich in calcium.

Paneer KheerPaneer Kheer

2. You can try our fibre rich Apple Pancake which is low fat and made with whole wheat flour instead of refined flour.

Apple Pancake, Healthy Diabetic Dessert RecipeApple Pancake, Healthy Diabetic Dessert Recipe

3. A calcium rich recipe like Oats Apple Phirni is a low calorie and low fat dessert, perfect to top up your calcium requirements.

Oats Apple Phirni

Oats Apple Phirni

4. If you are a fan of Indian sweet preparations than Lauki Halwa is a must try as it is low in calories and carbohydrates. 

Lauki Halwa, Diabetic FriendlyLauki Halwa, Diabetic Friendly

5. Kids will drool over this Chocolate Pinwheel  dessert. This recipe is a healthier version of the regular one but is as delicious.

Chocolate Pinwheels, Diabetic Friendly Chocolate PinwheelsChocolate Pinwheels, Diabetic Friendly Chocolate Pinwheels

6. You can use natural products as sweetener like dates used in the recipe of Date and Apple Kheer. This recipe is free from rice and is definitely a good treat for occasions like Eid, Navratri and Parsi New Year.

7.  Diabetic Caramel Custard  is a lovely recipe to try if you’re craving for something sweet. This recipe uses minimal amount of sugar and is prepared from low-fat milk.

8. Who doesn’t love ice-creams? Here’s a fabulous diabetic friendly recipe of Sugarfree Strawberry Ice cream. For a sweet and chilled affair.

Lauki Halwa, Diabetic FriendlyLauki Halwa, Diabetic Friendly

Disclaimer: It is highly recommended that these recipes be relished by diabetics only occasionally and in small quantities. This is just a mere ‘treat’ and does not qualify for a regular diabetic menu.


It is highly recommended that these recipes be relished by diabetics only occasionally and in small quantities. It is best to consult your doctor or dietitian for individual dietary needs.

Enjoy our Diabetic Indian Dessert Recipes | Indian Sweets for Diabetes | Healthy Indian Desserts for Diabetes along with other related diabetes articles below. 

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Date and Apple Kheer recipe
Kheer has always been a part of the Indian spread. Times have changed, but kheer continues to find a special place in our meal! over time, several variations of kheer have emerged. Here I present a very healthy version, especially for diabetics a dessert made with apples and dates cooked in lo ....
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