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कुल्फी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Kulfi recipes in Hindi)
કુલ્ફી / રબડી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Kulfi recipes in Gujarati)

Kulfi Recipes, 30 Kulfi Recipes Collection

Kulfi is an Indian ice-cream made of thickened milk, reinforced with spices and dry fruits, and frozen in moulds. Rabri too is made with a similar mix of thickened milk and spices, but it is served in a creamy, thick, liquid consistency. Rabdi can be enjoyed as it is, or teamed up with desserts like Malpua, Gulab jamun or Jalebi.

Malai KulfiMalai Kulfi

Kulfi, Malai Kulfis

Malai Kulfi is by far the most commonly consumed Kulfi across India with its intense flavor and creaminess.

We have a recipe of Malai Kulfi without Condensed Milk. The unique texture and intensely rich taste will linger in your palate.

Malai-Kulfi-Without-Condensed-MilkMalai Kulfi Without Condensed Milk

Kulfis, healthy options

We have reduced the amount of sugar and replaced full-fat milk with medium fat cow’s milk to make the Healthy Kulfi and Low Fat Kulfi with Strawberry. No cream or condensed milk is used in these recipes which makes them perfect for health conscious people.

Dry-Fruit-Kesar-KulfiDry Fruit Kesar Kulfi

Kulfis, Kesar

The Moghlia style Dry Fruit Kesar Kulfi is a traditional recipe which tastes even better when topped with Rabdi. You can even soak saffron and add it to your simmering milk to make Kesar Malai Kulfi. If you love nuts, then you can opt for kesar pista kulfi or Dry Fruit Kesar Kulfi with a unique combination of crunch and creaminess.

Turn these kulfi into a lip-smacking falooda with the addition of falooda sev, subza, jelly, dry-fruits and flavorful syrups. The kesar kulfi falooda is an amalgam of rich creamy kulfi topped with falooda sev and rose syrup.

 Kesar Kulfi Falooda Kesar Kulfi Falooda

Kulfis, Innovative Recipes

You can enhance your simple malai kulfi with the addition of small gulab jamuns to make this delectable Gulab Jamun Kulfi. By blending kulfi cubes and milk you get a lovely milkshake that has a rich milky flavour with spicy tones and the crunch of nuts.

Serve Kulfi Shots, a luscious milkshake made using malai kulfi which would be a hit among your family members and will even garner many praises when served at a party. It is very quick and easy to make and indeed a perfect end to the meal.

Kulfi-and-Jalebi-SundaeKulfi and Jalebi Sundae

Upgrading the rabri-jalebi combination with the addition of malai kulfi and falooda sev, the Kulfi Jalebi Sundae is an innovative yet quick dessert that will be loved by all.

Fruit KulfiBanana and Apple Kulfi

While these are traditionally time-consuming, there are some quick methods too. In this section, we present both the authentic and quick methods. Try your hand at making delights like the Banana and Apple Kulfi and Kulfi and Fruit Ice Cream

 Kulfi and Fruit Ice CreamKulfi and Fruit Ice Cream

You will find a collection of 30 Kulfi recipes to enjoy. Look below for our other Indian Sweet articles. 

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Kulfi Shots, Malai Kulfi Milkshake recipe
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Malai Kulfi recipe
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Kesar Pista Kulfi recipe
Today, there are innumerable ice-cream varieties, from every part of the world, available at store shelves. However, the joy that the Indian palate experiences when a spoon of Kulfi rests on it, knows no bounds! Indeed, one of the most well-known desi ice-creams, the Kesar Pista Kulfi has a special ....
Mango Kulfi recipe
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Healthy Kulfi recipe
One and a half tablespoons of sugar for 7 servings of kulfi – do the maths and you will realize just how much healthier this version is compared to traditional kulfi. This recipe gives you an opportunity to enjoy your all-time favourite desi dessert without much guilt. We have used medium-fat co ....
Malai Kulfi Without Condensed Milk recipe
One bite of this dessert explains its timeless popularity. The Malai Kulfi tastes like an Indian festival being celebrated in your mouth – with the crunch of nuts and ....
Dry Fruit Kesar Kulfi recipe
No Indian meal is complete without a serving of our own desi ice-cream, the Kulfi! There are innumerable varieties of Kulfi, ranging from spice-tinged ones to fruity flavours too. This Dry Fruit Kulfi is a traditional recipe, in proper
Kesar Malai Kulfi, Saffron Kulfi recipe
Cold though it is, kulfi has a way of warming your heart, perhaps due to the spicy overtones of saffron and cardamom or the intense richness of freshly condensed milk. Kesar Malai Kulfi is one of the perfect dessert ....
Falooda ( Mumbai Roadside Recipes ) recipe
Falooda is a dessert, if you look at it technically, but practically it is an any-time snack! This exciting combination of sweetened rose-flavoured milk with falooda sev, subza seeds, vanilla ice-cream and all the works is a delicacy that appeals to all. It is quite sumptuous and satiating, and you ....
Fruit Kulfi, Banana and Apple Kulfi recipe
Kulfi is an all-time favourite Indian dessert , which captivates us with its intensely milky flavour and spicy notes. You might have tried different variants of
Kesar Kulfi Falooda recipe
Rich creamy kulfi topped with falooda and rose syrup is a dessert which finds a place at every Indian buffet counter. Kulfi is our very own Indian ice-cream made from thickened and reduced milk flavoured with saff ....
Kulfi and Jalebi Sundae recipe
When mithai and malai come together, what you get is a glass full of delight! Here is an innovative yet quick dessert of malai kulfi topped with jalebis and falooda sev, drizzled temptingly with rose syrup. The Kulfi and Jalebi Sundae is a dessert perfectly suited to the desi palate, pampering the d ....
Kulfi and Fruit Ice Cream recipe
Any mention of Kulfi immediately brings to mind the rich flavour of condensed milk laced with spices. We discovered that this amazing desi flavour also blends beautifully with fruity notes! Yes, here we present Kulfi and Fruit Ice-Cream, a fabulous dessert that combines the timeless charm of Kulfi w ....
Low- Fat Kulfi with Strawberry Sauce recipe
Tradition meets innovation in this creative Low-Fat Kulfi with Strawberry Sauce. Sure to earn the praises of all your guests and family members, the visually appealing dessert is very low in fat despite the creamy likeness to authentic kulfi. This is because adding citric acid to low-fat milk ....
Kesar Malai Kulfi recipe
Traditional Kesar Malai Kulfi, with the unadulterated aroma of condensed milk and spices is truly a treat for your senses. The rich flavour and fragrance imparted by saffron and cardamom linger in your taste buds for a long time after you have finished this refreshing dessert, making this the perfec ....
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