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कैंसर के लिए विरोधी नॉसीया रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Anti Nausea recipes for Cancer in Hindi)
કેન્સરના દર્દીઓ માટે ઐન્ટી નાૅસિયાની રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Anti Nausea recipes for Cancer in Gujarati)

Anti Nausea recipes for Cancer

Anti Nausea recipes for Cancer. The disease Cancer itself can cause nausea in some. For those in advanced stages, it is all the more natural for most people to suffer from nausea. Some people experience the feeling of nausea just by thought of treatment of Cancer also. 

Cucumber CoolerCucumber Cooler

What is Nausea?

It is an unpleasant feeling of uneasiness in your throat and stomach, which can lead to vomiting. With nausea, other symptoms that set in are… trouble swallowing food, loss of appetite, increased saliva and slight dizziness and headache. 


Ginger Melon Juice, Ginger Watermelon JuiceGinger Melon Juice, Ginger Watermelon Juice

What may cause Nausea in Cancer patients

· Cancer itself

· Chemotherapy

· Certain Cancer medications

· Radiation

· Constipation or Indigestion

· Some other infections

Lemon and Coriander Soup ( Vitamin C Rich)Lemon and Coriander Soup ( Vitamin C Rich)

10 ways you can  help yourself Overcome Nausea & its Symptoms for Cancer?

While there are anti-nausea medications which can be prescribed by your doctor, you can be your own doctor too. You just need to learn a few simple tricks on what’s the best for you to reach out from your pantry during this time.  

1. Firstly eat small and frequent meals like  Ragi and Oat Crackers with Cucumber Dip, so that you don’t over stuff yourself with one large meal. 

Ragi and Oat Crackers with Cucumber Dip

Ragi and Oat Crackers with Cucumber Dip

2. Keep sipping on chilled flavoured water and juices throughout the day. These are the best for your throat. The juices soothe your throat and avert that feeling of nausea. At such times, try to sip on healthy juices like Cucumber Cooler, Ginger Melon JuiceCarrot and Red Pepper Juice and so on… Also remember to sip them slowly. 

Carrot and Red Pepper JuiceCarrot and Red Pepper Juice

3. In general cold foods are better handled than hot foods during nausea. However if you love warm soups, go for it. But try and avoid chunky soups as that might need extra chewing and digestion. 

4. Prefer dry snacks. Pick something very simple like a toast or crackers or try other healthy options like Flax Seed Shakarpara and Bajra Methi Khakhra

Flax Seed Shakarpara, Diabetic Friendly

Flax Seed Shakarpara, Diabetic Friendly

5. Accompany your dry snacks with dips to add some excitement to your meals. Avoid the cheese laden dips and go in for nourishing veggie based options. 

Radish, Cucumber and Curd DipRadish, Cucumber and Curd Dip

6. Avoid very strong flavoured or spiced meals. Prefer bland foods instead. 

7. Fried foods are also best avoided to prevent stomach upsets. Try non-fried options like Baked Whole Wheat Puris… make them in batches and store them or carry them with you anywhere. 

Baked Whole Wheat Puris, Jar SnackBaked Whole Wheat Puris, Jar Snack

8. You can opt for milkshakes and smoothies. They are full of nutrients and make up for your antioxidant, calorie and protein requirement too. Try and use any fresh fruits you like. We have some tried recipes like Blackberry Banana Smoothie, Papaya Mango Smoothie, Healthy Date and Apple Smoothie and Strawberry Chickoo Shake.

Blackberry Banana Smoothie Recipe, Antioxidant RichBlackberry Banana Smoothie Recipe, Antioxidant Rich

9. Flavoured yoghurt like Strawberry Yoghurt and ice-creams are a welcome as well. But remember these are sometimes loaded with excess sugar. So do not get carried away by their taste. Enjoy in small portions and do not bank on them for huge portion sizes.

Strawberry YoghurtStrawberry Yoghurt

10. Lastly, after a meal do not lie down immediately. Try and stroll a bit or sit upright. 

Enjoy our Anti Nausea recipes for Cancer and other cancer recipe articles below. 


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