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स्वस्थ्य हार्ट संबंधित सब्जी़ - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Healthy Heart Subzis recipes in Hindi)
શાક - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Healthy Heart Subzis recipes in Gujarati)

Healthy Heart Veg Indian Subzis

healthy heart subzis. Whether your staple is rice or rotis, whichever part of the country you are from, you will agree with one thing -- subzis have their own special place in any Indian meal! Being a daily affair, it becomes very important to make subzis healthy and nutritious, to suit the needs of a healthy heart. This section will show you ways to make a range of nutritious, low-calorie and appetizing subzis using a variety of heart-friendly ingredients and cooking methods, which will satisfy your taste buds and your nutrient requirements. These recipes highlight the use of ingredients like colourful veggies, sprouts and low-fat paneer prepared using apt cooking methods, to help you stay fit forever.

Healthy Heart Veg Indian Subzis, Green Leafy Vegetables

Boriya Diya Palang SaagBoriya Diya Palang Saag

Try this classic recipe of Methi Moong Dal Subzi prepared using less oil, rich in Fibre and Calcium which support better heart health. Sprouted Kabuli Chana and Palak is a perfect combination of ingredients that will top up your Protein, Fibre, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Thiamine, Folic Acid, Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorus levels. So much to ask for in a single recipe! Another recipe with similar ingredients is Chana-Palak here the Kabuli chana is not sprouted. Although the main ingredients are similar but they taste absolutely different from one another

Healthy Heart Veg Indian Subzis, Paneer Recipes

Coloured Capsicum and Paneer SubziColoured Capsicum and Paneer Subzi

Paneer Palak Koftas in Makhani Gravy is a unique recipe where pumpkin along with tomato is used for preparing the gravy while avoiding the addition of fat like butter or cream. Also the koftas are steamed instead of deep fried. Hariyali Mutter is a nice green subzi prepared using green peas and paneer, loaded with protein, fibre, calcium and vitamin A that supports heart health. Ever thought about combining pulses with paneer? Chana Paneer is another innovative recipe rich in heart friendly nutrients like Thiamine, Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorus.

Healthy Heart Veg Indian Subzis, Dry Subzi

Peru ki Subzi
Peru ki Subzi

Enjoy this simple Gavarfali ki Sukhi Subzi with your favourite phulka or roti. The fibre rich cluster beans taste is improved by heart friendly garlic known for its heart health benefits. Masala Karela is another dry subzi great for heart health ofcourse because it contains bitter gourd but also cauliflower that has many health benefits. Pyazwale Mutter even though it’s a low calorie subzi, it is a really good source of protein and fibre. The tomatoes in it will add antioxidant lycopene which has a heart protective effect.

Enjoy our healthy heart subzis and  healthy heart recipes article below. 

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Pyaz Wali Bhindi for Weight Loss, Diabetics, Heart recipe
healthy pyaz wali bhindi | pyaz wali bhindi recipe | okra onion sabzi | Punjabi pyaz wali bhindi | with amazing 15 images. healthy pyaz wali bhindi is a perfect l ....
Boriya Diya Palang Saag recipe
A classic Bengalii dish of moong dal dumplings cooked in a spinach gravy. The vibrant taste and unique mouth-feel of this dish make it a great hit, not just with Bengalis but anybody who tastes it. Boriya Diya Palang Saag literally means a gravy (saag) of ....
Makai Khumb Jalfrazie recipe
Mushrooms and a slew of colourful vegetables combine to make an appetizing subzi that goes well with plain rotis or steaming hot rice. As always, onions work wonders at increasing hdl levels.
Masala Karela recipe
You will be amazed by how effectively grated cauliflower masks the bitterness of karela, making it a delicacy that even kids would not mind eating. Perked up with onion, coriander and spice powders, Masala Karela is a treat to the taste buds, and a wonder food for your body too, as karela contains a ....
Carrot Methi Subzi ( Delicious Diabetic Recipe) recipe
This is a great combination of textures and fragrant, spicy flavours that has the added advantage of being quick to make. Enriched with vitamin A, iron and fibre, it is nutritious too.
Masale Wali Turai, Turai ki Sabzi recipe
masale wali turai recipe | turai ki sabzi | healthy turai ki bhaji | ridge gourd vegetable | with 23 amazing images. Perked up with peppy tomato pulp and a variety of spice powders,
Kofta Makhani recipe
The very word 'makhani' brings to our mind a rich gravy with lots of butter and cream! However, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that the same magical impact can be created in a healthy fashion by using low-fat milk. The vibrant, red-coloured kofta used in this delightful dish is made us ....
Lauki Kofta Curry (  Healthy Heart) recipe
These koftas are prepared with lauki in a larger proportion, in comparison to potato, to minimize the caloric value of the dish. Also, koftas are not deep-fried, but are simmered and cooked in the curry itself. This makes a tasty combination with lachha soya paratha.
Soya Methi Masala ( Soya Roti and Subzi) recipe
A low calorie subzi for health freaks! This subzi is a double dose of health as it is not only low cal but also made using soya oil, soya granules, fenugreek etc. which are high in vitamin A and calcium. Low fat milk (99.7% fat free) is easily available in the market, however you can make skimmed mi ....
Kadhai Tofu recipe
The very prefix of "kadai" is a qualifier for a recipe. . . You can be almost sure you are in for a rich, scrumptious feast! this special dish, which is a low cal variation of the original recipe, is just as tasty as the high calorie original version. Sliced capsicum make the dish look rather "prett ....
Sprouted Kabuli Chana and Palak, Folic Acid Rich Recipe recipe
A perfect combination of sprouted kabuli chana and palak that will tickle your taste buds, and keep your protein , calcium and iron lev ....
Paneer Palak Koftas in Makhani Gravy recipe
Low-cal Paneer Palak Kofta in Makhani Gravy, anyone? The weight-watcher is usually terrified of words like paneer and makhani, but here is a low-cal version of this popular North Indian dish specially formulated to please food lovers without adding to their waistline. The innovative twist here is th ....
Pyazwale Mutter recipe
While onion is usually added as a taste enhancer in most subzis, Pyazwale Mutter is an interesting preparation in which succulent onion rings share the limelight with juicy green peas. This fibre, iron and vitamin C-rich treat is a five-starrer in terms of taste, looks and aroma. The tangy fresh tom ....
Coloured Capsicum and Paneer Subzi recipe
The Coloured Capsicum and Paneer Subzi has a well-rounded flavour and a well-balanced nutrient profile. Rich in protein, carbohydrates and vitamins, this easy yet irresistible subzi also pools in vitamin A from coloured capsicums, folic acid and antioxidant lycopene from tomatoes and protein and cal ....
Hariyali Mutter recipe
There are dozens of ways of cooking mutter, but this one truly tingles the tastebuds thanks to dominance of coriander in the masala. Hariyali Mutter comprises healthy ingredients and cooking methods, thereby strengthening the heart and controlling blood glucose levels too.
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