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गर्भावस्था के लिए तीसरे ट्राइमेस्टर के लिए - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Pregnancy Third Trimester Foods recipes in Hindi)
ત્રીજા ત્રિમાસિક ગર્ભાવસ્થા - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Pregnancy Third Trimester Foods recipes in Gujarati)

What foods to eat during your third trimester of pregnancy? third trimester Indian pregnancy recipes. 

Third trimester Indian foods, recipes | third trimester Indian pregnancy recipes. The countdown has begun. These last 3 months are equally crucial for you and your baby. Major growth and maturation of all the organs of the fetus gets completed in this trimester.

Physically and mentally you need to relax, exercise well and eat well. This is the time for you to gain and continue stocking up on all important nutrients and prepare yourself for labour. 

Date and Sesame Puranpoli
Date and Sesame Puranpoli

Your priority during the third trimester of pregnancy should be to choose a variety of nutritious foods to gain a variety of nutrients

The key nutrients to be focused in the third trimester continue to be the same – energy, proteinironcalciumfolic acid and fiber. Let’s look at each nutrient in detail. 

Spinach DosaSpinach Dosa

1. Energy : During this trimester, your baby will have become larger, leaving a little room in your mid-section for food and you may again lose your appetite in similar way like first trimester. So eat foods that are light enough to keep you feel comfortable and yet are packed with nutrients. Green Tomato Salsa and Veggie WrapBuckwheat PancakeSprouts Pulao are some nourishing options especially for you.

Buckwheat Pancake

Buckwheat Pancake

Try to concentrate on energy dense meals which makes you full and satiates you well. Part away with all the refined products like maida, bread, noodles as well sugar. All these provide less nutrition, whereas you are in a stage when your only focus is good nutrition. 

Opt for whole grains and combine them with veggies to make a meal in itself. Jowar Veggie Wrap and Barley and Moong Dal Khichdi are few healthy choices. Easy to make, they are tasty and bursting with good health. 

Jowar Veggie WrapJowar Veggie Wrap

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Benefits of Green Moong Dal 

2. Protein : Protein yet plays an important role in the 3rd trimester of gestation too. It’s the fundamental need of all the cells and thus required on continuous basis through the nine months for the growth of fetus. Baby’s nails, skin and hair accomplish growth is this trimester. So protein is a must in these last 3 months of pregnancy. Eggs, pulses, dals and sprouts are best to rely on. Eggs in the morning in the form of Egg Paratha would be just perfect for you. 

Pulses and dals are the sources of vegetarian protein for a mum-to-be. Explore that magical masala box in your kitchen when you think of cooking with pulses and dals and make delicacies like Protein Rich Kulith SaladLehsuni Matki Palak Tikkis and so on… 

Lehsuni Matki Palak TikkiLehsuni Matki Palak Tikki

Don’t leave the sprouts unexplored. They are tiny pods of nourishment, not to be missed out on. Sprouted Fruity Bean Salad and Sprouted Matki and Coriander Mini Uttapa are few our suggested ideas for you to try. 

Sprouted Fruity Bean SaladSprouted Fruity Bean Salad

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3. Iron : The mother yet needs 38 mg of iron to provide enough to the growing baby and build reserves for labour. Green vegetables are one of the best sources of iron. A deficiency of iron will make fatigue set in. The mother-to-be will start feeling tired soon. As it is the growing baby takes a toll on mother’s working power. Concentrate on including 2 to 3 greens daily. 

You need not cook separately using greens. Include them in your regular fare only. and Tomato Methi Rice are perfect examples to prove this. 

Next, you can also discover some iron rich cereals. These include nachni, bajra, jowar and buckwheat. Try and make a habit of having one iron rich cereal as a part of any one main meal – lunch or dinner and one at snack time. This is the best way to ensure your daily dose of iron from cereal group. Buckwheat pancakes suits both the purpose – as a dinner option as well as a snack. Nachni and Onion Roti would be a wholesome choice for lunch then. 

Buckwheat Pancakes, Kuttu Pancake Diabetic Snacks

Buckwheat Pancakes, Kuttu Pancake Diabetic Snacks

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18 Amazing  Health Benefits of Bajra Flour

4. Folic Acid : Folic acid is a key nutrient since pre-conception. It is wise to start building its reserves before pregnancy. During the third trimester of pregnancy the fetus shows major development in the brain. The foetus now starts regulating its own body temperature. Thus the need for folic acid yet continues. A pregnant women needs 400 mcg of folate through the pregnancy. 

Sprouted Kabuli Chana and PalakHealthy Indian Tomato Soup and Rajma and Urad Dal are some healthy folate rich accompaniments. Include them as a part of your main meals. 

Rajma and Urad DalRajma and Urad Dal

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5. Calcium : Dairy products are one of the best sources of calcium. Milk, curd and paneer should be included daily in the diet. Curd is a probiotic which promotes gut health. Having a plain bowl of curd is quite soothing for the stomach. It can help relieve acidity also, if any. You can make raita like Spinach Raita and Lauki Phudina Raita

Spinach Raita, for Weight Loss and AthletesSpinach Raita, for Weight Loss and Athletes

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6. Fiber : Fiber is necessary to keep the digestive tract clean and avoid stomach upset. It is a key nutrient needed to prevent constipation. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans all that we eat daily comprises of fiber. A balanced diet with enough of each of these food groups will instinctively make up for your fiber needs. 

Try having a variety of recipes like Palak Kale and Apple JuiceJowar Bajra Besan Thalipeeth and Masoor Dal and Palak Khichdi.  

Masoor Dal and Palak KhichdiMasoor Dal and Palak Khichdi

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Healthy Nuts to eat during your third trimester of pregnancy

Include a variety of healthy nuts like walnuts and almonds to stock up on omega-3 fats. Peanuts are also a good option for pregnant ladies because they are cheap in cost. A tbsp. of seeds like sunflower seeds, flax seeds and chia seeds can also contribute to good amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. 

Oats Flax Seeds Roti and Flax seeds Raita are quick and healthy choices. Sunflower seeds can be roasted and added to any salad or soup that you make of your choice. Learn how to roast sunflower seeds perfectly.

Snacks to eat during your third trimester of pregnancy

Have small and frequent meals if you are comfortable. Juicesoup or even a salad or a small snack is a good idea. Honey Banana ShakeMooli MuthiasFruit and Lettuce Salad are recipes you should try your hands at then.

Honey Banana ShakeHoney Banana Shake

Foods to eat during your third trimester of pregnancy to prepare for lactation

This is also the time of gestation to add foods like garlic, methi, subza, milk etc. to your diet as they help in breast milk production after delivery. These foods are called galactogouges. To meet this requirement of a pregnant women, we have included recipes like Multigrain Garlic RotiStrawberry Chickoo Shake etc.

Multigrain Garlic Roti, Lehsun RotiMultigrain Garlic Roti, Lehsun Roti

Another recipe that can act as a galactogogue is Tomato Methi Rice in which iron-laden methi greens are combined with vitamin C rich tomatoes.

Tomato Methi Rice ( Iron Rich Recipe )Tomato Methi Rice ( Iron Rich Recipe )

So go ahead and make your pick of the day and enjoy it while relaxing on your couch. Enjoy our range of recipes foods to eat during your third trimester,  | third trimester Indian pregnancy recipes and check out our other pregnancy recipe categories.

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