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Calcium Rich Dals and Kadhis

calcium rich dals. calcium rich kadhis. From the humble, Gujarati Kadhi to the exotic Healthy Kofta Kadhi , from simple Palak Kadhi to more sumptuous Teen Ratna Dal, there are umpteen ways in which you can prepare our all-time favourite dals and kadhis. Open this section to discover a treasure-trove of Calcium Rich Dals and healthy calcium rich Kadhis, which are not only irresistibly tasty but also easy to make, offering you another interesting way to enhance your calcium-intake.

कॅल्शियम युक्त आहार दाल और कढ़ी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Calcium Dals & Kadhis recipes in Hindi)
કેલ્શિયમ દાળ અને કઢી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Calcium Dals & Kadhis recipes in Gujarati)

Teen Ratna DalTeen Ratna Dal

Healthy Calcium Rich Dals and Kadhis

Let's start with Dahiwala Toovar Dal which is made with low fat curds and toovar dal which are both high in Calcium. Then there is the Palak Kadhi which is a low carb kadhi that is high in calcium.

Dahiwali Toovar DalDahiwali Toovar Dal

Calcium Rich Dals and Kadhis from different parts of India

From Gujarat, you have the ever famous Gujarati Kadhi which is made in every Gujarati household and had with puris or rice. Then from Rajashtan there is Rajasthani Pakoda Kadi with its famous pakodas inside the kadhi and the Pithore Kadhhi. From Punjab is the Low Calorie Dal Makhani which is loved all over India. Moving South from Hyderabad is the Hyderabadi Khatti Dal.

Also the ever famous Sambhar which is had with Idlis and Dosa.

Rajasthani Pakoda Kadhi
Rajasthani Pakoda Kadhi

There are lots of Calcium Rich Recipes on our site and most important is to know your list of Calcium Rich Foods and last but not least know your Daily Calcium requirement from Adults to kids.

Enjoy our collection of Calcium Rich Indian Recipes given below from Calcium Rich Breakfast to Calcium rich Desserts.

Calcium Breakfast (49 recipes)
Calcium Rich Desserts (36 recipes)
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Calcium Rich International Recipes (36 recipes)
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Calcium Rich Rotis & Parathas (31 recipes)
Calcium Rich Salads & Raitas (43 recipes)
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Calcium Rich Vegetables (66 recipes)

Gujarati Kadhi recipe
gujarati kadhi | traditional gujarati kadhi | how to make gujarati kadhi | with 12 amazing images Kadhi is a traditional Gujarati preparation of a wonderful sweet and spicy curd mixture thi ....
Sambhar recipe
The aromatic flavours of this traditional South Indian dish are truly irresistible. The speciality of this sambhar is that it is made with minimal oil and loads of vegetables which enhance its nutritive value. When served hot with Nutritious Stuffed Idlis, it makes a meal that is very hard to resi ....
Masoor Dal with Spinach, Protein Rich Recipes recipe
masoor dal with spinach recipe | protein rich dal | dal palak | with 18 amazing images. masoor dal recipe is a versatile Indian food which can find a place in every household. Learn how to ....
Low Calorie Dal Makhani recipe
low calorie dal makhani recipe | low fat dal makhani | healthy low cal dal makhani | with 20 amazing images. low calorie dal makhani without cream and butter. We have made this a
Khatta Urad Dal ( Zero Oil Urad Dal Recipe) recipe
A lip-smacking preparation of wholesome urad dal, perked up with calcium-rich curds and pungent ginger, garlic pastes. Although it makes use of minimal ingredients, the Khatta Urad Dal has a distinct, tongue-tickling flavour that you are sure to relish. The highlight of this recipe, as t ....
Rajasthani Pakoda Kadhi recipe
The highlight of the Rajasthani Pakoda Kadhi is the addition of crisp and fresh besan pakodas! This imparts a chewy, crunchy dimension to the kadhi making it more satiating. You will also find this kadhi to be more flavourful, as it uses a wider selection of spices than normal, everyday kadhi recipe ....
Bhinda Ni Kadhi, Gujarati Bhindi Kadhi recipe
The versatile ladies finger is used widely in Gujarati cuisine, in many dry as well as gravy recipes. Here we present, Bhinda ni Kadhi, where ladies finger mingles with the traditional kadhi. As a slight variation to this recipe, you can add sliced and sautéed o ....
Dhansak Dal ( Indian Diabetic Dal Recipe) recipe
A traditional parsi dish. As the name says, it is an interesting combination of five varieties of dhan (dals) and saak (vegetables) perked with spices to give it a mouth-watering taste. Being loaded with vegetables this dish is no ....
Methi Pakoda Kadhi recipe
The perfect dish to serve for a Holiday lunch. Fenugreek dumplings are deep fried and dunked for a few seconds in milk and then immersed in the curd kadhi. This process of soaking the fenugreek dumplings in milk makes them softer and more succulent and reduces the sharpness of the curd based kadhi.
Hyderabadi Khatti Dal recipe
Loads of tomatoes and tamarind give this Hyderabadi Khatti Dal a tongue-tickling tanginess, while a splash of spice powders and other pungent ingredients like ginger, garlic and green chillies add to its finger-licking taste! This everyday dal ....
Soya Mutter ki Kadhi recipe
Soya bean nuggets and peas simmered in a tangy curd based gravy.
Suva Masoor Dal, Zero Oil Healthy Dal recipe
For many, dal is the ideal comfort food. It satiates and soothes, while also giving you ample nutrition. The Suva Masoor Dal is a veritable treat for such dal lovers. The unique combination of dill with masoor dal gives this recipe a distinct flavour, which is boosted by the addition of garlic, ....
Palak Toovar Dal ( Calcium Rich Recipe) recipe
Spinach and toovar dal used for this mildly spiced recipe, makes this dal a rich calcium source. Serve hot with roti or rice.
Pithore Kadhi recipe
Pithore is a Rajasthani delicacy that looks somewhat like dhokla but is actually very different in taste, texture and preparation. While pithore can be tempered and had as a tea-time snack, it can also be deep-fried and added to gravies or in this case, kadhi. Sour and tangy kadhi with deep-fried pi ....
Palak Kadhi recipe
Ever thought of making kadhi with an infusion of palak? Sounds strange, but tastes and looks very interesting. Palak purée and green paste imparts flavouir along with a bright green colour and vitamin A to the dish. You can skip the garlic if you do not like its flavour. Serve with a bowl of brown r ....
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