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अक्टूबर महिना में खाना पकाने के लिए - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Foods to cook in October recipes in Hindi)
ઓક્ટોબર મહિના માં બનતી રેસિપિ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Foods to cook in October recipes in Gujarati)

Indian Foods to Cook in October

October is upon us; and with it a bounty of fresh veggies and fruits. Refreshed by the rains, Mother Earth gives us her best – sweet beets, crunchy Brussel sprouts, vibrant broccoli, crisp cabbage and juicy apples! Sometimes, the sight of these veggies and fruits flooding the market is so tempting that we end up loading our baskets with these even if we didn’t intend to. While each of us is aware of a few recipes using these, we always keep yearning for more recipes and more tasty ways to enjoy the season’s best. So, feast your eyes on these interesting recipes, of exciting dishes using these ingredients. These are not the usual recipes! We have picked something special for each veggie and fruit. Each of these is a must-try.

Take beetroot for example. You can make lovely juices and stir-fries or try a delicious Beetroot Rice recipe, which you can pack in your lunch box tomorrow. The Beetroot and Chickpea Dip is equally exotic. When beetroot is in season, you should go for this instead of tomato-based or cheesy dips. With the nutty taste of chickpea and the pleasant sweetness of beetroot, this dip is a real delight. Its beautiful pink hue makes it all the more attractive.

Cute little Brussel sprouts are equally eye-catching. A cabbage-like appearance in a tiny form factor makes this veggie very interesting, especially for children who insist on buying some every time they set eyes on it. It looks like a ‘toy cabbage’ to them! The Brussel-Sprouts and Spring Onion Stir fry is an amazing way to cook this exotic veggie. It has a crunchy mouth-feel and yummy taste, which the whole family will enjoy.

Then there’s Broccoli. There’s nothing you can’t do with this! You can make so many varieties of dishes, ranging from soups and starters to main course with it! The Broccoli Pizza Pie is one such flavor-packed, multi-textured delight that will sweep you off your feet. So is the Broccoli Bell Pepper and Cheese Quesadillas, a sumptuous snack that you will love to sink your feet into.

Fresh, leafy green cabbage is another tempting offer of this month! It lends itself to making everything from clear soups to salads, and is also used as a substitute for onions by many. The crunchy, lemon-tinged Cabbage Kachumber and the melt-in-the-mouth Cabbage Dhokla are two delectable desi treats made with cabbage. The Cabbage Kachumber is capable of perking up even a simple everyday meal while the innovative Cabbage Dhokla will make your tea-time special.

Apple, in season in October, is a very versatile fruit, which not only suits fruity indulgences like juices and puddings but also combines well with veggies to make salads like the Lettuce and Apple Salad. The apple is an ideal ingredient to make desserts, and the Apple Pie is an undisputable proof of this fact. In this collection, we offer you a different option – the Eggless Apple Cake, a soft and tasty delicacy that will appeal to young and old alike. Here, slices of apple are arranged like a beautiful rose, atop a base of plain flour dough, flavored gently with vanilla and cardamom. It looks so awesome nobody can refuse a bite! Serve it warm laced with honey or with a scoop of ice-cream to make it even more special.

Indeed, October is the time for culinary experiments. There is so much to try and taste using the best of the season’s crops. So, next time you go to the market, look out for the splurge of seasonal delights and relish them at their best.

Guava (also called as Peru) They are freely available in this month and you can try these below recipes :
Guava Punch, Guava Chutney, Watermelon and Guava Juice

List of Top Fruits and Vegetables in season for October in India

  Fruits and Vegetables in season for October
1. Beetroot
2. Broccoli
3. Cabbage
4. Apple
5. Guava
6. Pomegranate
7. Custard apple
8. Passion fruit
9. Dill or suva
10. Brinjal

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