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लिग्नान रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Lignans recipes in Hindi)
લીગ્નેન્સ રેસિપીઓ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Lignans recipes in Gujarati)

Ligan Recipes, Ligan Rich Foods, What are Lignans?

Lignans area group of compounds found in plant food mainly flax seeds. In reality they are phytoestrogens which mimic the role of estrogen.

How do Lignans work?

When we eat lignin rich foods, the healthy bacteria in the gut convert them to a lignan metabolite - enterolcatone. This circulates in the blood, binds to estrogen receptors and act like estrogen thus making up for the estrogen deficiency. However in situations of high levels of estrogen in body too, they bind to receptors while reducing the activity of natural estrogen. So its beneficial to all.

7 Benefits of Lignan

1. Lowers the risk of cancer
2. Reduces hot flashes in postmenopausal women
3. Protect heart health
4. Reduces the level of bad cholesterol
5. Reduces free radical damage to cells
6. Helps clean the gut and improve bowel movement
7. Maintain ovarian and uterine health in women and prostrate health in men

16 Foods Rich in Lignan

Flax has considered the highest source of lignan. 2 to 3 tbsp of flax is advised daily to make up for your lignan requirement.

  16 foods rich in lignan
1. Flax Seeds
2. Barley
3. Blueberries
4. Broccoli
5. Brussel Sprouts
6. Cabbage
7. Cashewnuts
8. Cherries
9. Grapefruit
10. Kale
11. Oats
12. Peach
13. Peanuts
14. Sesame seeds
15. Strawberries
16. Sunflower seeds

Loads of plant foods with lignans and here are loads of recipes for you to try too.

Cheers to healthy heart, colon, reproductive organs and general health of cells!

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Oats Flax Seeds Roti, Low Salt Recipe recipe
Here is a chatpata roti, with a homely texture and tongue-tickling taste that are sure to steal your heart. The Oats Flax Seeds Roti features an absolutely healthy mix of ingredients, especially beneficial for those with high blood pressure because the beta glucagon in oats helps to keep both bl ....
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Kale, Masoor Veg Antioxidant Healthy Office Salad recipe
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Strawberry Oats Pudding recipe
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Blueberry Raspberry Strawberry Smoothie, Triple Berry Fruit Smoothie recipe
Three exciting berries pour their goodness and zesty flavours into this glassful, making it a top-rated smoothie! The vibrant and refreshing flavour of the berries combine beautifully with curds, which is used as the base of this smoothie. Laced mildly with honey, the Blueberry Raspberry Strawbe ....
Flax Seed Shakarpara, Diabetic Friendly recipe
We have heard repeatedly that flaxseeds are a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, and are an essential food especially for vegetarians. But, many of us are at a loss of interesting ways to include it in our diet. While we do attempt to include it in
Barley Feta and Spinach Salad, Healthy Salad recipe
Salads are a boon for health conscious people. Easy and quick to make, they are tasty and bursting with good health. A scrumptious salad like the Barley Feta and Spinach Salad is filling enough to make a healthy snack. Cooked barley is combined with feta cheese cubes, juicy greens and crunchy ve ....
Brussels Sprouts and Spring Onion Stir-fry recipe
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Flax Seeds with Curd, Good For Endurance Athletes, Weight Loss recipe
This is a totally fab way to include flax seeds in your diet. Flax seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help stabilize cell walls and reduce inflammation. They also contain a unique blend of soluble fibre, which binds with food to optimise the digestive process. However, most people ar ....
Grapefruit, Coconut and Peanut Salad recipe
A true energy booster, the Grapefruit, Coconut and Peanut Salad is a tongue-tickling treat as well. The sweet and sour flavour of grapefruit is well balanced by mellow coconut and crunchy peanuts, making this a wonderful snack to munch on. The best part is that it stays fresh for more than six hours ....
Flax Seed Crackers with Beetroot Dip ( Healthy Snack) recipe
We have heard repeatedly that flaxseeds are a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, and are an essential food especially for vegetarians. But, many of us are at a loss of interesting ways to include it in our diet. While we do attempt to include it in mukhwas, raita, etc., here we present a very inno ....
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